Two sessions attention | Pan Lusheng: women groups rising in the development of rural handicraft

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Pan Lusheng research such as the west coast of Qingdao, new city in shandong hidden pearl street station xing road current situation of the development of rural crafts paper-cut female artist group developing the rise of the group of women Pan Lusheng vice chairman of the CPPCC national committee of China federation of national association, the chairman of shandong federation chairman this year is the year of the tiger, in the past in the countryside, the child was born, my mother would hand sewing shoes, a pair of tiger shoes,Children wearing hutou Hutou, Huhu Shengwei, very lovely and pleasing, sustenance of the mother’s wish for safe and healthy children.Our folk arts and crafts are also called “mother’s arts”, which are created by the skillful hands of mothers. There is a deep feeling of maternal love in them.The so-called “loving mother hand line, wandering clothes.Leaving the thick seam, Italy fear delayed return “is such a mind, sung for thousands of years.In the 5,000-year evolution of China’s agricultural civilization, “women’s red”, such as weaving, pulp dyeing, clothing, embroidery, shoes and hats, plaiting, paper cutting, face flowers and toys, is not only a traditional Chinese women’s skill, but also extended to the overall traditional craft and folk art, playing a silent role in promoting the glorious Chinese civilization.For a period of time, in the process of social transformation and development, the way of mother-daughter inheritance of skills tends to fade, but the potential of inheritance is still there.At present, under the good situation of rural revitalization, traditional craft revitalization and cultural and economic development, rural women have risen rapidly and become a new force for the inheritance and innovation of traditional handicrafts that cannot be ignored.Driven by a new round of favorable national policies to support “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” and the rural revitalization strategy, more women are freed from complicated affairs and return to the inheritance of female handicrafts.The protection of women’s rights and interests has been further strengthened, and women have improved their ability to make a sustainable living through training to participate in the inheritance of craft heritage, cultivating traditional craft and cultural creativity, and invigorating rural cultural life, so as to improve their own status.The UNESCO “Sustainable Livelihood Project of World Heritage Sites in China: Yunnan Shilin Yi Sani Embroidery Skills Training Class”. Among the more than 50 embroiderers, the oldest is over 80 years old and the youngest is only 7 years old.In recent years, as the miao nationality traditional culture, make rural women out of poverty as soon as possible to get rich, guizhou Carey has cooperation with the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, the United Nations development program (undp) to implement the “Claire women happiness fund” MiaoXiu village support program, “the happiness of the fingertips” empowerment of economic development projects, these projects through the village set up embroidery niang embroidery cooperatives,By combining “village training” and “centralized training”, the local Miao women were trained, and some traditional embroidery methods on the verge of extinction were rescued in time while getting rid of poverty.Women’s federations at all levels in Guizhou province have organized and implemented the “Splendid Embroidery Plan”, training more than 4,000 embroiderers, 10,100 registered poor women who have helped them out of poverty through handicrafts, and 500,000 women engaged in characteristic handicraft industry, with an annual output value of 5 billion yuan.Handicraft spontaneously in addition, women can participate in country management, improve their status in case there are more and more, such as “island village women” arts and crafts association, henan, shaanxi distribution in the “home” of women, and women’s handicrafts cooperatives, women hand-woven association, sichuan province, east of Inner Mongolia WuZhu MuQinQi “walter hot women” arts and crafts association, etc.,Both reflect that rural community organizations empower women through handicrafts, enhance mutual cooperation among vulnerable groups, enhance their self-esteem, confidence and sense of belonging, improve the living conditions and spiritual outlook of women groups, and highlight the unique social value of traditional handicrafts and the overall rise of women’s handicrafts community.In addition, according to relevant statistics, 65% of rural female handicraft groups are under the age of 35, while in urban handicraft groups, more than 70% of young women with higher art education still shuttle between urban and rural areas to engage in handicraft, and 85% of young women patronize professional websites related to handicraft consumption for a long time.In terms of the scale, female handicraft groups are expanding and developing younger.Our society is progressing and developing continuously, the living standard in urban and rural areas is improving, the female group engaged in handicraft is rising, and the cultural creativity of female ingenuity is continuously inherited and developed.This ingenious creation, stretching homesickness memories, flowing affection, just like a broad river, moistening life, warm heart.