Test a build don’t magic!The 42-year-old brother died of a heart attack after four years of public service

2022-05-18 0 By

A good life is more important than anything, these years the certificate is too inside volume, especially one to build two.Listen to a netizen elder sister said, her husband has been taking the municipal examination for 4 years, 72 points in 18 years, 105 points in 19 years, and 86 points in 20 years, 81 points in 21 years, and died of myocardial infarction in home gas…Her husband had a heart condition, but he didn’t know it in advance, otherwise he wouldn’t have let him go through the process.In fact, this basic chronic disease has an impact on memory, in fact, the eldest brother can build a building down is already very good, if you feel uncomfortable on the way to the examination must stop, physical health is the most important, do not let your family worry.Our life should not only the certificate, but let the certificate serve in our life, don’t put the cart before the horse!Got a built in engineering, ErJian is very important, but more important still is abundant construction experience and high sense of responsibility, build a ErJian certificate is just the icing on the cake, of course, in your life and body are healthy state or encourage people to take an examination of a build ErJian, after all, we project which can not this a few of the certificate?