Shanghai babies isolated?Is the baby crying?A nurse looking after 10 children?

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Is it true that one nurse has to take care of 10 children?On April 1, Shanghai reported 260 new locally confirmed cases and 6,051 asymptomatic cases.In the evening, photos and videos of what appeared to be Shanghai’s quarantined infants crying were posted online, attracting widespread attention.Photos and video show infants and toddlers crowded into beds in what appears to be a hospital hallway.One netizen commented: “As the child is separated from his parents, there is no way to take care of him in time, so his buttocks are rotten.Is that really the case?On April 2, the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center replied that the photos and videos circulated online were some scenes during the internal movement of the pediatric ward of our hospital, not the isolation point of Jinshan infants.In addition, the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center also said that the pediatric patients admitted to its hospital are handled by a professional medical team, and the treatment and daily care of the children are guaranteed. It has sent more pediatric medical teams to better treat the children.So why are children separated from their parents?In Shanghai, Zhao Qian (pseudonym) and her three family members all tested positive for confirmed cases. At first, her husband was sent to a centralized isolation center for treatment, while she and her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter stayed in Shanghai Tongren Hospital for treatment.But on the afternoon of March 29, Zhao Qian (pseudonym) was sent to Fangcang Hospital after her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter was taken to the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center in Jinshan district by epidemic prevention officials.Zhao Qian (pseudonym) questioned that her daughter only had a fever on the day of diagnosis, but had no symptoms for three consecutive days after fever, and left her parents and could not be taken good care of?Zhao Qian (pseudonym) said: “The doctor is too busy, I understand, but I’m really nervous, I don’t know what is going on with my daughter there, and there are no photos or videos.In fact, Zhao Qian (pseudonym) in fangcang hospital patients also had similar experience, they were sent to fangcang hospital on the same day;The patient also has a four-year-old daughter who has been quarantined at the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center.In recent days, there have been a lot of photos and videos in the area. Judging from the information in these photos and videos, the contradiction between fewer nurses and more children is very prominent. The medical staff revealed to the parents that basically one nurse has to take care of ten children;On the morning of April 2, the Shanghai Women’s Federation also responded that it had paid attention to the matter and was coordinating its handling.Now the case continues to ferment, netizens raised questions is, the family has been diagnosed, why can’t the mother stay with the child?It is also difficult to take a two-year-old child away from his family even if he is not sick.Now that the Shanghai Women’s Federation is coordinating the handling, let’s wait for the result of the handling together.We all understand the shortage of medical staff, but the child is the future of our country, so it must be properly taken care of. I look forward to a proper solution in the future.