“Reborn bully pet: High cold white little great” agent reborn into poor soldier brother’s body space prospective wife

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Hello everyone, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this article.Recently, many fans do not know what to read good reaction, unknowingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as an old fan xiaobian this also feel empathy.Today xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to book fans, let book fans watch addictions do not sleep in minutes!Small make up recommend everyone today: the rebirth bully spoil: high cold white less great agents rebirth into poor boys with prospective wife # refused to book space shortage # first book: “the rebirth bully spoil: high cold white less great” author: for about 17: her rebirth of her kind, in the name of miss, learn benefactor was framed the destruction, she want to revenge!”Marry me, and I’ll avenge you.”His first words after he came to her rescue.She said yes.Didn’t you just get married because it used to help your family?I can’t believe I’m on that.Pit guide: “You don’t talk.”Gao Xiaoli immediately said a word against the past, her eyes turned, looking at Shen Qichen, “how?Wouldn’t it be nice to have sex with my cousin?”When Su Wen heard this, her face changed.Her…How did she know?Obviously she and Shen Qichen are so well hidden, how can be found?Wrong!This woman may not be Gao Xiaoli at all!Maybe someone heard gaos daughter died, want to impersonate!That’s why I got this…Thinking of this, Su Wen sneered: “You are not Gao Xiaoli at all!You are nothing like her except your face! ‘”Is that so?Then who do you think I am?You wish Gao Xiaoli dead so much, Su Wen. Don’t you feel guilty for ruining the Gao family?”Gao Xiaoli felt amused that the woman was still questioning her identity.”Nonsense!Gaos into such, is a fundamental sin!What have I to do with it!”Su Wen heard Gao Xiaoli’s words, immediately some become angry from embarrassment, but also some fear.Shen Qichen has been secretly observing the gao Xiaoli in front of, although temperament seems to be very different, but that face, it is exactly the same according to the truth, plastic surgery is impossible to have such a smile.Maybe…Gao xiaoli is not the only daughter in the Gao family?”And you, Shen Qichen, you and Su Wen are so colorful, do you really think I’m blind?”Gao Xiaoli rolled his eyes, “I will investigate the gao family affair. Don’t let me catch you, or…”Gao Xiaoli stepped out between the two men. At the door, he paused briefly, glanced behind him, and then left.Gao’s family has been taken away by the court, Gao Xiaoli also has no place to go, she has not used to this identity, always feel a little strange.Let’s go eat first.A city in A restaurant, Gao Xiaoli is ordering food, suddenly saw the news on TV, she immediately gnashed her teeth.”The city’s popular star Gao Xiaoli, jumped off a building last night, when people found, has fallen to no human appearance, according to forensic identification, Gao Xiaoli had been infringed upon.”Gao Xiaoli stared at the TV screen with red eyes, but caught a glimpse of everyone’s attitude.As soon as the news was broadcast, everyone began to talk about when Gao Xiaoli jumped.”So what if I get hurt?She’s not clean either. She’s slept with I don’t know how many men in the news!””Exactly!That woman, unclean, deserved to die!”Gao Xiaoli ceng of once stood up, she glared at the two women who just spoke, fist clenched, almost one fist fell on the table!”Look, who’s there?It seems to be Gao Xiaoli!””Hey, gao Xiao Li!How dare she show her face when the Gaos are so ruined!Well, well, well, what a nerve!””How?Did Gao Xiaoli eat your rice?How is she, how is the Gao family, need you to point out here?”A cold and stern voice suddenly came to Gao Xiaoli’s ear.Gao Xiaoli could not help but follow the pleasant sound to look past.Unexpectedly is Bai Qichen!How could it be him?What’s he doing in a run-of-the-mill shop?Gao Xiaoli could not help feeling that he was wrong, so he rubbed his eyes, and looked at the time, Bai Qichen walked toward her direction.(click the following link to read novels) the second: “return to the end of 70 time” author: moon shadow swaying introduction: Su Fuxiang returned to have not been married, all disasters have not happened, she wants to use the memory of the past life, let the day of this world prosperous, smooth benefit.Guide into the pit: because not busy season, the weather is not very good, again Song Shuying he refused to let her go out to work, only let her do housework well, Su Fuxiang then took out a book to ask jay jun, since have the book in the home, free jay jun mining will read, his performance is good, but we had not the university entrance exam, is he still sitting in the classroom.”Elder sister, will you really restore the college entrance examination?”At that time, primary school was five years, junior high school was only two years, and senior high school was only two years. Normally, he just took the college entrance examination this year.”Of course, you still serious some, strive to wait for a recovery to take an examination.”Su Fuxiang head also do not lift, side writing side way.Su Juncai listened to deep thought, he did not know why his sister was so sure, but dad’s attitude is true, he really want to read a book, these years of work he is really fed up, do not want to stay here for the rest of his life.When the weather cleared up, I had to go to the field to pull weeds. At that time, there were no pesticides, herbicides and so on. Everything was artificial.”Five aunts.”Su Fuxiang followed song Shuying behind, met neighbors to say hello, but she always feel some strange, those people look at her eyes seem to be with disgust.”Look ah, Su Fuxiang came over, Wang Wenliang you used to see his eyes straight?Hurry up ah “just to the ridge of the field, heard the front of the giggle.”Don’t talk nonsense, how could I possibly fancy a woman like that, send me not even.””Ha ha, be, hear as long as marry her person can pour big poison.””Let her be proud. See, she’ll never get married.”Boys and girls’ laughter so harsh spread over, Su Fuxiang pretended not to hear, went to the field will do things.Song Shuying could not bear this tone, a few steps rushed to the pile of people, pointing at them and said, “you say again, say again, I will not cut off your tongue.”Most of them were only teenagers in their late teens, who were song shuying’s rivals. They ran away and went to work.As they were all working together, there were many women on the same hill, which made it easy for them to talk.Su home divided this side of the woman with Song Shuying relationship is good, they are talking and laughing, hand action is not slow, Su Fuxiang gradually fell behind.By the time Su Fuxiang had finished her line, the others had already turned to another field, but when she was ready for a drink of water and then went to look for them, she saw someone fighting on the road ahead.”Oh, no.”Su Fuxiang beat leg there ran in the past, Song Shuying’s voice constantly from there come out “I call you nonsense, I call you nonsense.””Stop it, stop it.””Shou just sister-in-law, quick stop, wait for the captain to come over not good-looking.””Mom, mom.”Su Fuxiang embrace Song Shuying, with the next few women with strength to stop her again to the volume on the ground of the woman.”What are you doing?”Just opened song Shuying Li Changsheng’s voice far spread over.Song Shuying saw Li Changsheng, suddenly sat on the ridge of the field crying, “Captain, you can come?You have to decide for me, these gossips, every day, my xiang Xiang, my Xiang xiang where in the end offended you, the diva only said that she can not marry the village, how can she be a jinx, how is the disaster, in the end is what god spread ah, this let my xiang xiang how to get married.”When Li Changsheng arrived at the front of the crowd, the faces of many women around are passive.(Click the following link to read the novel) the third: “Ancient farming: Yan Han open the wilderness of raw steamed stuffed bun” author: Linxi and fishing introduction: Yun Zhenzhen to rock climbing, accidentally fall, actually through the ancient times!Dressed near naked, eat by gathering, sleep in thatched shed, walk by step amount, there is no text, language barrier!But these in the face of the strong desire for life, is to stimulate the power of yun Zhenzhen!The fragrant broth made her stomach rumble. Anyway, something from the Goddess of Heaven was certainly not bad. She did not hesitate at all, holding the bowl and drinking it down.It’s not unheard of for the tribesmen to eat cooked food, but it’s grilled, and there’s no seasoning.It was the first time the witch had tasted such delicious cooked food that she licked the bottom of the bowl.Cloud zhen zhen wiped clean tears, smiled, pushed a tree, “go, please chief come over.”After he left, he explained to the witch that She was not offended by the tree. It was all a misunderstanding.The witch’s eyes flashed and her mouth lit up with a knowing smile. “Don’t worry, He’s a good boy.”Turned and walked out.Cloud zhen zhen full of black line, she is destined to leave here, absolutely impossible with the people here emotional entanglements!But a moment, the chief of the clan with a few old and weak rushed over, o tree did not say exactly let them come over to do what, so these people are confused.However, smell the fragrance floating out of the house, everyone could not help but swallow saliva.It smelled like meat, but it didn’t seem to taste like meat they were used to eating…Yun Zhenzhen opened the straw curtain and beckoned to A tree, “Come and help.”O tree fart diandian fart diandian ran in the past, to help put the pot out, cloud zhenzhen stood ladle soup, because people more soup less so everyone only points to half a bowl of soup.Looking at all the people on the face of the expression of light, cloud zhenzhen or quite have a sense of achievement, she solemnly asked White MAO: “chief, how do you feel?”The white grass kept nodding, “Really worthy of heaven, we have never eaten such delicious things!”Yun Zhenzhen smiled, “in the future, we all eat cooked food and drink cooked water, which can reduce illness to a certain extent.”The white grass was even happier. “Really?”Yun zhenzhen nodded, “I will not deceive you.When the winter is over, I will take you to identify the dishes that can be added to soup, and after that the meat can be cooked.”The barbecue is quite hot.”Besides meat, there are lots of things you can cook, too, like the fruit you pick, and those tubers…”Cloud Zhenzhen seriously explained to the white grass they reserve for the winter food method, after her such a deployment, did not expect to eat more than white grass originally expected for a few days.The white grass was even more surprised.Unfortunately, the number of POTS is a long story.Yun Zhenzhen directly said to Bai MAO: “The chief now know why I asked people to help make those things?There’s no way to cook cooked food without these tools.”Baimao thought deeply, “The heavenly daughter is at ease, how many people do you want to use just say, I will send you the manpower, we don’t lack here can work!”The business of gathering food for the winter is now largely over.Cloud zhenzhen certainly not with her polite, said tomorrow to find someone to burn pottery together.Sent away the chief, cloud zhenzhen back to his thatched hut, a curtain a hot meat fragrance, a look up to see a tree pull hair, she showed a smile to please, this looks more like a big dog, well, or golden hair.Then she frowned, for the big golden hair was lying next to the pot. What if one wasn’t careful and her hair didn’t fall into the pot?She turned over a cloth cut down the animal skin strip, not willing to use their comb, but in tan carpenter custom red sandalwood comb, to this do not know how many years have not washed the guy used, is really reckless waste!Picking with her hands, she combed his tangled hair into a ponytail, and when she came around to see his face, she couldn’t help but be stunned.(Click the link below to read the novel.) 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