Jiujiang Tongwen Middle School held a meeting for the next semester of the 2021-2022 academic year

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Love the same text, education for this;Lide tree, wisdom to teach;Learn to be a teacher, conduct the world.On February 15 and 16, 2022, Jiujiang Tongwen Middle School held the working meeting of administrative and teaching assistants and the general meeting of all the staff in tongwen Lecture Hall and Tongwen lecture hall successively, and put forward suggestions and requirements for the opening work.Attending the meeting were Hu Dexi, principal of Tongwen Middle School, Li Qing, part-time vice chairman of Municipal Women’s Federation and Party secretary of Tongwen Middle School, Xiong Ye, Xiao Guanghua, Leng Wenyi, Zhou Ling, vice principals, Wang Yulan, secretary of discipline inspection commission, Yu Xianfeng, member of party Committee of tongwen High School, and Wu Lizhi, principal of Sino-Canada Friendship School.At the meeting of administrative and teaching support personnel, Xiong Ye, vice Principal of the Ministry of Education, first affirmed the achievements made by Tongwen in the past year, led the participants to study the relevant contents of the Work Key points of the Ministry of Education in 2022, and put forward several requirements for administrative cadres in terms of the work of this semester:One is to clarify work objectives, two is to innovate work ideas, three is to convey work enthusiasm, four is to strengthen the responsibility of administrative cadres in the New Year with a more loving and dedicated spirit and serious and responsible work attitude to meet the challenge.President Hu Dexi stressed in his speech that the new semester work should do good, good service, and strive for three good — work in a timely manner, good service attitude;Work to fine, good service quality;Work to innovate, good service effect.President Hu said, the new start, to have a new atmosphere, new actions, with efforts to bloom the flower of knowledge, with wisdom to open the door to success.In the whole school staff conference, the school office, political and educational office, office of teaching affairs and other 11 branches of the responsible person to the school staff preached the various departments this semester work plan.Subsequently, President Hu Dexi made an important speech entitled “Forge ahead bravely and create a new future for tongwen development”.With his first reviewed the school ten of the most important jobs in winter vacation, convey to the teachers in the Ministry of Education in 2022 work key point of the document spirit, emphasis on new term is “ShuangJian” work in the prominent position, the top priority, to consolidate and improve the mechanism, eliminate blind spots, improve, maintain stability, strengthening the supervision level.Then, President hu jintao highlighted with the education development of four “core” keyword, steadfast, progress, harmony, development, point out the idea is to keep in mind to work with the education of “two musts, adhere to the reform, people-oriented, the implementation of entrepreneurship, points out the new term with the education of four priorities: grasp the team construction, sustaining the sustainable development;Grasp the civilization quality, keep in mind the basic task of moral education;Grasp the quality of teaching, improve the level of education and teaching;Grasp the wisdom of management, step into the new era of “one school and two districts”.In the end, President Hu Dexi expressed his wishes and prospects for the new semester to all the staff. I believe that in the year of 2022, all the teachers in the school can seize the opportunity, inspire their spirit, be diligent gardeners, cultivate students conscientiously, move forward bravely and strive to create a new future for the same culture, education and education!