Into April new tea will be listed, shandong consumers association to remind the purchase of Rizhao green tea to pay attention to these points

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Public network · poster news reporter Cui Yalun jinan report into April, Rizhao green tea new tea is about to be listed.In order to help the majority of consumers choose and buy high-quality Rizhao green tea scientifically, shandong Consumer Association united rizhao Market supervision Bureau, Rizhao consumer association to remind the majority of consumers, in the purchase of authentic Rizhao green tea, pay attention to sensory identification, purchase should retain consumption vouchers.Rizhao green tea soup is yellowish-green and bright in color, with strong chestnut fragrance, mellow aftertaste, thick leaves, high aroma and good brewing resistance.Generally speaking, the appearance of rizhao green tea has two states: one is curly-shaped, curly tight knot, dark green color, fine and uniform, showing the hair;The other is flat, flat and compact, yellow green to emerald green, flat buds and leaves, showing.However, please note that rizhao green tea is not the greener the better. If the appearance is too bright and green, it may be the product with artificial pigment, and if the color is gray, it is more likely to be aged tea.When purchasing, you can brew it, see its color, smell its aroma, taste its taste, and try to identify it comprehensively.It is suggested that consumers check the business license of operators, food management (production) license before buying, pay special attention to whether the packaging of products marks factory name, factory address, production license number (small workshop registration number) and other information, and then buy again.According to expert advice, the best purchase with 50 grams of small packaging is appropriate.Considering that large packages are not easy to be preserved after being unsealed, and long storage time will cause tea to lose its original characteristic flavor, consumers are advised to drink as soon as possible after being unsealed.In terms of tea storage, it can be sealed in a tin with no odor for a short time and stored in a refrigerator at a low temperature for a long time.When storing, it is advisable to use aluminum foil and other materials with good isolation performance for packaging to prevent taste or mildew.Have consumer to reflect, partial net inn, small shop of tourist area waits for the likelihood to pretend to be sold with foreign green tea sunshine green tea, use low means to attract consumer to buy.For this, Shandong disappear assist to remind broad consumer, the sunshine green tea that buys price obviously under market price prudently.Keep proof of purchase after purchase.The majority of consumers in the purchase of Rizhao green tea if there is a consumption dispute, or their legitimate rights and interests are damaged, can first negotiate with the business to deal with.If the negotiation fails, please call the local 12345 hotline in time to complain and report, and protect your legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law.