Datong Primary School held the opening ceremony of “Love Chengdu and Welcome universiade Together for the Future” in spring 2022

2022-05-18 0 By

The new semester, a new beginning, brings new challenges, but also breeds new hope and vision.On the morning of February 17, 2022, the opening ceremony of Datong Primary School in Qingbaijiang District of Chengdu, with the theme of “Love Chengdu, Welcome the Universiade, And Look forward to the Future together”, was kicked off with the cheerful “Inspiring”.Accompanied by impassioned music, solemn and solemn opening ceremony officially began, heroic flag-bearers, the five-star red flag slowly rising.Respected President Gu’s wishes and expectations for the new semester guided the students in the direction of progress.The students recited “Lide shuren, Bacon cast soul, please rest assured that the strong state I” in the ear for a long time.Grandpa Chen Shaokui, a retired teacher, inspired all the teachers and students to inherit the centennial spirit of datong Primary School with his book “Inheritance – 128-Year Story”.The final wish bottle session pushed the atmosphere of the ceremony to the peak. Teachers and students wrote down their wishes for the new semester on the colored paper, hoping that when the final is opened again, everyone can make their dreams come true.The whole opening ceremony was orderly. Outside the venue, the works exhibition of “Create colorful homework, enjoy a happy winter vacation”, garbage classification, campus safety education and propaganda clock-in points attracted students to stop and watch.Exciting, inspiring and inheriting, the unforgettable opening ceremony of spring 2022 left a deep memory in the minds of teachers and students of Datong Primary School. Through the activities, students understood the direction of future efforts.Carry forward the traditional culture, stimulate everyone to love their hometown, love the motherland, at the same time, but also lit the students’ enthusiasm for learning.The opening ceremony was loved by all the teachers and students.(Contributed by Datong Primary School)