The “secret weapon” on the courthouse desk!

2022-05-17 0 By

For every worker who has something on his or her desk that we need every day what do people in the courthouse have on their desks every day?Let small make up take you to see the court judge people’s secret weapon is not in the opening of the road is read in the law books and file only to solve every problem in the process of case can do a good job in every case check data, serve documents, filing report “it is their daily work and they become the judge’s advanced way day after day, it requires careful and accumulated experience themTook every trivial work sorting, binding, archiving files in the case materials of stationery is their everyday have clues come away this is belong to their time and tide wait for no man not lax find clues don’t stop this is to belong to their highly wear uniforms, the instruments on the judgment without their name but each and every trial has they figure they are trialExecution of the work of the “security line of defense” different positions of the court on the table although there are different things that thick files of dense notes precipitation of the court of years of accumulated experience forged the court of the determination to punish evil and foster good