Cargo customs clearance at Dongzhong port has been suspended

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Fangchenggang, February 25, China News NetworkZhai Liqiang) Four new local confirmed cases were reported in Guangxi from 00:00 to 24:00 On February 24, according to the Guangxi Health Commission.In view of the current epidemic situation, cargo customs clearance has been suspended in Dongzhong Port and Lihuo exchange market, home quarantine measures have been taken in Dongxing city, and schools have been closed.Dongzhong Town, Fangchengcheng District, Fangchenggang City, located on the border with Vietnam, immediately launched an emergency response plan after three positive COVID-19 cases were found on February 23, and organized epidemic prevention efforts including tracing the source of the virus, regional nucleic acid screening and quarantine control.According to the Epidemic prevention and control Headquarters of Fangcheng District on the morning of February 25, three novel coronavirus positive cases (all close contacts under quarantine observation) were reported in Dongzhong Town, Fangcheng District on February 24. The positive cases have been sent to designated hospitals for isolation and treatment.In view of the current situation of epidemic prevention and control in Fangcheng District, cargo customs clearance at Dongzhong Port and Lihuo exchange point will be suspended from midnight on February 24, 2022. The specific opening time will be further informed.The epidemic prevention and control headquarters of Dongzhong City pointed out that the waiting time for import and export heavy vehicles in dongzhong port and Lihuo exchange point is long. For emergency cargo, please make import and export plans, arrange customs clearance time reasonably, carefully select customs clearance ports, and avoid unnecessary losses caused by the backlog of goods.On The 24th, a novel coronavirus positive person was also found in Dongxing City of Fangchenggang.According to the decision of Dongxing Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters, in order to effectively block the spread of the epidemic, all members in the urban area of Dongxing city will be quarantined at home from 8 o ‘clock on February 25 to 24 o ‘clock on February 27.All schools and training institutions were closed, and all business sites were closed except supermarkets, farmers’ markets, hospitals and pharmacies.The catering industry tries to provide takeout delivery services.Ensure epidemic prevention, medical services, urban operation, on-duty duty, takeout delivery, volunteer service personnel must hold specific work cards or passes in the city.During the period of home quarantine, except for the purchase of necessities and nucleic acid testing, do not go out unless it is necessary.According to the Guangxi Health Commission, as of 24:00 On February 24, 203 local confirmed cases had been reported in the region, including 195 in Baise, one in Nanning and seven in Fangchenggang.(after)