She was the first movie queen of new China. During the revolution, she was captured by the enemy and tortured inhumanely

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Preface in new China is founded, countries began to make some good film and television works, on the one hand is to encourage the people’s struggle enthusiasm, on the other hand is to over the years for the enormous sacrifice and contribution to the struggle of the people, in the film and television play work, there is a called “zhao man”, her performer named rock star, she is the first winner of the People’s Republic of China,Today we are going to talk about her life.Shi Lianxing was born in 1914 in Hubei Province, China. She was very good-looking and gifted in artistic performance since she was young. In 1932, when she was 18 years old, she went to Ruijin, the holy land of revolution at that time, for an artistic performance with the theme of red.Shi Lianxing is an extremely talented performer. After she came to the revolutionary base area, she gave a series of performances which were warmly received by the soldiers in the revolutionary base area. In a short time, she became a celebrity in the revolutionary base area.Stone united star popularity after the news of the revolutionary base areas, by chairman MAO, premier zhou and premier zhou and chairman MAO’s work although mainly revolutionary struggle, but they are also highly culture deeply influence, they are for literature and art and culture has a love of nature, therefore, premier zhou and chairman MAO also decided to take a look at the rock star’s performance.After watching Shi lianxing’s performance, premier Zhou and Chairman MAO both praised Shi’s excellent acting. They both thought Shi lianxing was a rare acting talent and encouraged Shi lianxing to continue performing for the soldiers in the revolutionary base areas.Help li catch traitors about rock star’s life experience, it is worth mentioning that she had helped revolutionary base in the li grabbed a traitor, you know, as a result of the revolutionary base areas at that time was very poor living conditions and that makes some people do not stand firm to the path of a traitor, traitor cleaning tasks in the revolutionary base areas at that time is comrade li.At that time, many news of the revolutionary base was continuously leaked, Li Kenong perceived that there were traitors in the revolutionary base, so he began to search, but at this time he found that the population of the revolutionary base are numerous, many soldiers and cadres are also clustered together to live, which brings difficulties to the whole search task.Later after some thinking, li went to rock star there, tell her, let her organize a big show, and then in the process of performance, because stone couplet famous star in the revolutionary base areas at that time is, for normal soldiers, they’ll go to stone united star’s performance, and those who didn’t go to stone united star of the show,It was an opportunity to send a message to the enemy.Li Kenong is clever and catches the traitors in his base in this way, but in the process, we have to recognize the special contribution made by Shi Lianxing.But unfortunately, in the revolutionary war era, stone lianxing was also captured by the enemy because of traitors, the enemy caught stone Lianxing, the stone lianxing inhuman torture, later in the rescue of the Party organization, stone Lianxing successfully escaped.After the suffering of life and death, so that the stone star more firm belief in their own life.Winner on the eve of the founding of new China, the party and the country invited rock star to star in “zhao man”, in the end the show was a brilliant success, and in 1950, stone united star with the success of leading role zhao man role model, got the title of “an international film festival best actress”, since then, stone united star became China’s first winner.Marriage and Love Shi Lianxing had two husbands in her life. The first husband was Zhong Jianwei, a graduate of the Huangpu Military Academy. He was an excellent military general during the Revolutionary War, but he died in a battle at the age of 26.Shi lianxing’s second husband was Ling Zifeng, who was also a literary and art worker in the revolutionary base area. He and Shi Lianxing got married in 1945, and their life after marriage was very happy and perfect, even once highly praised by Chen Peisi’s father.Sum up people say, the actor’s life is glorious and brilliant, but, by reading the rock star’s life, we will find that the new China’s first generation of performing artists of life is full of hardships and setbacks, they like soldiers on the battlefield, walk all the way are risking their lives, and this has essential difference between the flow of many film stars today,Should also cause many current flow star’s deep reflection.Yes, the stars of the film and television industry have the exemplary status of the society. On the one hand, they are spreading excellent culture and social atmosphere, and on the other hand, they influence generation after generation through their personal charm. However, many of the stars of the film and television industry today obviously forget their mission.