Mavericks sell unicorn as cheaply as Lakers management

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The Kristaps Porzingis trade between the Washington Wizards and Dallas Mavericks should get some attention.Did the Dallas Mavericks get enough in return for sending Kristaps Porzingis?In January 2019, the Mavericks acquired Porzingis in a blockbuster trade, and before Thursday night’s trade deadline, perhaps the most surprising move in the trade market, the Mavericks traded porzingis after three years with the team.Porzingis has struggled with injuries since that 2019 trade, and while he has played as well this season as he has in previous seasons, he has struggled to find his place alongside star Luka Doncic.Abandoned in 2019 after getting Bohr burgess, tianjin two first-round sign, lone ranger last Boer ferry in Thursday’s trading and a second round sign to the Washington wizards, get two (performance) on the pitch for the Washington wizards disappointed player: defender spencer – Davis dinwiddie and shooting experts – bell temple.To the Wizards, Porzingis represents the kind of player the Mavericks want him to be: pairing with their All-Star guard Bradley Beal and motivating the potential unrestricted free agent to re-sign with the team this summer.Let’s rank both sides of this deal.Washington Wizards get: Kristaps Porzingis, a future second-round pick to Dallas Mavericks get: Spencer Dinwiddie, Davis Bertans, Mavericks: D This is one of those trades that makes you wonder what’s up and what’s down.By acquiring Bertans and Dinwiddie from the Wizards, the Mavericks seem to be doing the Wizards a favor.But it was the Mavericks who sent the second round pick?In particular, Bertans’ contract is one of the least popular in the league among managers from a team’s perspective.He hit a career-high 200 3-pointers in 54 games during the 2019-20 season before signing a five-year, $80 million contract extension with the Washington Wizards, but hasn’t played at the same level since.This season, he’s shooting just 32 percent from 3-point range, falling out of the Wizards’ rotation for a long time.There is also value in acquiring Bertans, who is a good shooter with far more potential than he showed in 2021-22.Despite his poor 3-point shooting this season, he’s still shooting 40 percent from 3-point range for his career, and his free throw percentage hasn’t dropped (28 of 30, 93 percent).Still, bertans will only be able to play when his shooting is back to his best, because his other abilities are limited on the court.At times, the Mavericks could have used a zone to take bertans away, but as a big player, his poor defensive rebounding rate often tripped him up.In fact, Washington should have considered giving up more than one first-round pick to give up the $49 million bertans has left on his contract after this season.(If Bertans plays less than 75 percent in 2023-24 and is cut before 2024-25, that number would be reduced by $11 million.)As for Dinwiddie, his matchup with Bradley Beal has been more of a disappointment to the Wizards than his play.He’s still a valuable scorer on teams that lack points, like the Washington Wizards without Beal.But when he plays with Bill, his efficiency is often different.Although Dinwiddie’s usage rate has dropped from 24 percent in Beal’s absence to 15 percent in beal’s games, his true shooting percentage has dropped, according to NBA Advanced stats.That could be a concern for the Mavericks if they pair Dinwiddie with the more prolific ball handler, Doncic.We’ve seen more promise from Dinwiddie as a spot-up shooter, who shot 37 percent from three-point range for the Brooklyn Nets during the 2019-20 season, according to Second Spectrum’s tracking of advanced NBA stats.But this season, that number has dropped to 34 percent below average.On the plus side, Dinwiddie’s size (6 ‘5 “) allows him to play defense in different positions.If he’s good enough at shooting, the Dallas Mavericks could even use a trio of Doncic, Dinwiddie and Jaylen Brunson to maximize their perimeter playmaking.There is no doubt that dinwiddie’s addition will affect Brunson, who becomes an unrestricted free agent this season.If Brunson’s asking price is too high, the Mavericks could feel more comfortable letting him go because they already have a ball handler on the team.Still, it wasn’t an ideal result for the Mavericks because Brunson is three years younger and more efficient in scoring.According to ESPN salary expert Bobby Marks, the deal doesn’t do much for the Mavericks in the long run. They’ll be paying Bertans and Porzingis slightly more for the 2022-23 season, and after that,The only way to reduce salary-cap pressure on the team would be to cut Dinwiddie in the summer of 2023, with only $10 million of his $18.9 million salary guaranteed through June 30.Unless the Dallas Mavericks know something important that we don’t, this deal is a step backward for the rest of the Mavericks’ season and their future.Wizards: A- I don’t know how well it’s going to work for the Wizards, but I think it’s worth trying.As I suggested after Beal’s decision to have wrist surgery for the season, the Wizards don’t have a clear path to competitiveness if he re-signs this summer.Playing Porzingis and Beal together is unclear, because the Mavericks already have a precedent: in the same configuration, that combination is not as good as a better star guard.But because the Wizards will always have different players than the Mavericks, the trade opens up some possibilities for the Wizards.Assuming beal stays with the Washington Wizards, they have some interesting roster options for next season.The Wizards could re-sign Beal and center Thomas Bryant under the luxury line and use at least some midlevel exceptions.The Washington Wizards could also set their sights on finding a pass-first shooting guard as an upgrade over current guard Raul Neto.I’m also interested in the possibility of the Wizards playing Beal at point guard, which would allow them to use big lineups on the court.If Porzingis plays power forward, the Wizards could use him and play centers Daniel Gafford and Kyle Kuzma in the frontcourt and beal and Kentavius Caldwell-Pope at guard.Young forward Denis Afdia also fits into a lineup that includes three big players who are at least 6-foot-9.Or, better yet, Washington could put Porzingis at center and surround him with players with speed and agility.Porzingis’s defensive performance this season, after a poor 2020-21 season, has been a staple of the Dallas Mavericks’ lineup this season.When Porzingis is the primary defender, opponents make 54 percent of their shots from within five feet of the basket, ranking 14th among players who block at least 150 attempts from within, according to Second Spectrum, a video analytics platform that tracks NBA advanced stats.If Porzingis gets his 3-point shooting touch back, it could help the Wizards.He is shooting just 28 percent from the field this season, down from 38 percent in 2020-21 and 35 percent in his career.But like Bertans, there’s no evidence that his shooting percentage is actually on the decline.According to, he has made 41 percent of two-point attempts from 16 feet this season, and his free throw percentage is a career-high 86.5 percent.The biggest concern for Porzingis is his health.Because of his injuries and his triggering of the NBA health and safety protocol, he has played in just 34 of the Dallas Mavericks’ past 55 games, limiting him to 57 games a season since he suffered a torn ACL in 2018, partly because of the shortened schedule.If Porzingis doesn’t play consistently, the Washington Wizards may regret the deal, but that’s about it.In a worst-case scenario, the Wizards could still end the deal after Porzingis runs out of his player option for the 2023-24 season.At that point, the Mavericks would still have to pay Bertans a guaranteed minimum of $5 million.