Jinyong Railway press resumption of work and production “fast forward”

2022-05-16 0 By

Workers’ Daily client reporter Liu Jing recently, the country’s “One Belt and One Road” economic development in the important node project – Jinyong railway builders early planning, early deployment, multiple measures at the same time, precise policy, to ensure that epidemic prevention and control and orderly resumption of work and production “catch both hands”, strive to achieve a “good start”.At present, jinyong railway dongyang beam field has fully entered the construction sprint stage of frame beam, bridge deck construction foundation project is being promoted.According to reports, in recent days, China Railway Beijing Engineering Bureau Jinyong project department as a whole scheduling project personnel to do a good job to return to work guidelines, under the opening of the “first move”.In order to strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures, all branches are explicitly required to fully map the travel path of personnel before returning to work, implement classified and hierarchical control for personnel returning to work based on the epidemic risk status of the source areas, timely issue epidemic prevention and control alerts for those returning to dongyang, and follow up the resumption of work and production and staff returning to work on a daily basis.At the same time, the implementation of closed site management, effectively achieve mechanism guarantee, personnel investigation, facilities and materials, environmental elimination, safety education and other “five in place”, to ensure a smooth and orderly resumption of construction.On February 7, the resumption of work and production of Jinyong Project in 2022 was arranged at the mobilization and arrangement meeting.After the meeting, the gold Yong project department and each branch leadership personally lead the team for the first time, the construction site to implement a comprehensive safety inspection.At present, the resumption of work and production of Jinyong project is in hot development, special safety assessment and safety education and training work has been completed before the resumption of work, to ensure that the participation in the construction of personnel to, heart to, responsibility to.It is reported that Jinyong railway is an important node project in the national economic development of “One Belt and One Road”, it is an important project to implement the national strategy of the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta and improve the layout of the regional railway network. It is the contact trunk line of the Shanghai-Kunming channel and the coastal channel of the two railway fast channels in China.To communicate and connect ningbo (the eastern port of departure of the Maritime Silk Road) and Yiwu (the important starting point of the New Silk Road of China-Europe Freight train) as two major transportation hub cities.