Jilin City: Unblocked green channel for spring ploughing and agricultural materials transportation to ensure lower swing of spring ploughing materials to households

2022-05-16 0 By

On the afternoon of April 3, Jilin city held the 24th press conference on epidemic prevention and control work to report the latest situation of spring ploughing preparations.Affected by the epidemic and the sharp rise in prices, the seed rate in Jilin city was 89%, while the fertilizer rate was only 50%, lagging behind the same period in previous years.In order to minimize the impact of the epidemic on spring ploughing production, Jilin City has formulated the Emergency Notice on The Protection and Supply of Spring Ploughing Materials to further open the green channel for the transport of spring ploughing materials and ensure the lower swing of spring ploughing materials to households.First, the implementation of the certificate system.Personnel engaged in the sales and transportation of agricultural materials, such as seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, agricultural machinery, agricultural film, feed, fruit and vegetable seedlings, etc. in urban areas of Jilin City shall apply the system of holding certificates.The above personnel to the local agricultural and rural departments and the residence of the community (village) to apply for employment.Each district counts the labor demand of agricultural materials sales and transportation within the area as a unit, and gets the Permit for Spring Ploughing Production (Support) personnel from the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, which will be issued according to the real name of the application.For those who meet the travel conditions in the community (village) where they live, they are allowed to travel one-way to work and will not return to the community/village.Second, standardize the distribution of agricultural materials.Agricultural stores in all districts of Jilin City carry out the purchase, sale and distribution of agricultural materials in the form of “online ordering, door-to-door delivery and point-to-point transportation”.During the operation, strict implementation of daily disinfection, health monitoring, the entire closed management of the operator and passenger, no contact with the delivery of goods and other prevention and control measures.Vehicles and passengers carrying agricultural materials to Jilin City from outside the region, with 48-hour nucleic acid test negative certificate and The Jilin Province Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Supplies Permit, are allowed to pass normally under “closed-loop management”.Third, strengthen personnel control and pass management.Agricultural supplies sales and transportation personnel should strictly implement the “four-party responsibility” for epidemic prevention and control, implement local epidemic prevention and control measures, raise awareness of protection, and proactively report their health status to ensure epidemic prevention and safety.The Permit for Spring Ploughing Production (Support) personnel shall be issued by one person with one certificate, with independent serial number and special certificate for special use. The permit shall be valid within the period of validity and shall not be forged, altered, borrowed or diverted at will.Agricultural materials transport vehicles shall travel with personnel pass and no vehicle pass will be issued.In accordance with the principle of “who travels who applies, who issues the certificate who is responsible”, the local and relevant departments shall strictly apply for, record and issue the pass, and timely find, correct, dispose of and punish the illegal use of the pass.Each traffic control card point has the right to recall the pass with alteration, expired validity period and inconsistent id.In addition, “notice” around the guarantee of green channel unimpeded put forward clear requirements, in line with the conditions of the post of agricultural resources for personnel, requiring certification units and the community (village) to quickly handle the certificate, timely release, not without reason delay bucking.All localities are required to promptly convey the spirit of the notice to all agricultural materials distribution stores, villages (villages), communities, traffic control personnel and epidemic prevention card points, and strictly comply with the implementation.(CCTV reporter Yuan Jingwei and Jiang Zhi)