From May 1, banned!

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The reporter learned from the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration that the Regulations on the Management of E-cigarettes was recently released and will be officially implemented on May 1.2. To implement license management for e-cigarette production, wholesale and retail entities. There will be no new types of administrative license for e-cigarette license management, but corresponding items will only be added to the scope of license for tobacco monopoly production, wholesale and retail.3. Implement channel management on e-cigarette sales, establish e-cigarette trading management platform, and standardize e-cigarette sales mode;Iv. Manage the quality of e-cigarette products throughout the whole process, and establish a technical evaluation and tracking mechanism for e-cigarette products;5. Supervise the transportation, import and export of e-cigarettes according to law.Is put forward the measures for the management of electronic cigarettes ordinary primary and secondary schools, special education schools, secondary vocational schools, the school shall not set up electronic cigarette products surrounding the kindergarten point-of-sale banning all forms of introduction of electronic cigarette products exhibition, BBS, fair use selling electronic cigarettes to minors are prohibited in the vending machine such as self-service selling way sales or in disguised formsSon smoke products banned sales in addition to the tobacco flavor seasoning electronic smoke and can add the atomization of smoke information: CCTV, finance, science editor: China Wu Xingting click below to learn more about advocating enterprise adopt flexible measures such as home office in suzhou hujia expressway after lifting, putuo here will happen “big changes” putuo this activity won national honor!What’s so special?Important reminder!Put away this public transport quarantine guide and put a “peace of mind label” on it. Putuo’s they help you eat more safely