At full speed, meihekou High-tech Zone held a discussion on emancipating the mind and the 2022 working conference

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On February 14, Meihekou High-tech Zone held the “Struggle with me, in high-tech” mind liberation discussion and high-tech Zone 2022 working conference.Zhou Jun, member of the Standing Committee of Meihekou Municipal Committee, attended the meeting and made a speech. Ma Zhiyou, secretary of party Working Committee and Director of Management Committee of High-tech Zone, presided over the meeting and made work arrangements.Zhou Jun pointed out in his speech that this year is the first year to fully open the new journey of meihe New Area and high-quality development pilot demonstration zone construction, but also a key year to accelerate the implementation of the project, scientific industrial layout, production capacity cluster release.All party members and cadres in the high-tech zone must regard emancipating the mind as the forerunner to break the situation, strive for the first class as the pursuit of the realm, promote the great development of the cause with the great emancipation of the mind, and constantly create a new situation of high-quality development.Zhou Jun pointed out that at present, the high-tech zone has front stand at a new starting point and a new era, the task has been clear, team members should give full play to the leading wild goose effect in the zone and, with the strength of his very under constant work, be the main body as pioneer, yong stands the market lead, to write a new chapter, the development of high quality to meet the victory at the party’s twenty.Implements and realizes the conference spirit is, requesting Ma Zhiyou all cadres and workers to “start to speed up, start to sprint” vitality, fast charge in gas, morale, determined to focus our mind and energy to major duties given by the municipal party committee municipal government mission, focus on high-tech zone all policy decisions, the whole heart into, seize every minute, full power, be,Raising the upsurge of improving the environment, grasping projects and promoting development;At work, we should clarify our thinking and then push forward, bravely undertake the mission and implement it.Leadership team members to focus on work, important indicators, early planning, promote the early, early implementation, carefully refined WeiBanJu department work plan, list the task list, responsibility list, make sure one thousand jins weight index on the all challenges, all shoulder, make each work show the new atmosphere, new changes as soon as possible, to ensure the implementation in the first quarter of “a good beginning,” drive “red” for the whole year;In discipline, we must be serious, strict, and work hard to improve efficiency.All cadres and workers to take performance appraisal as an opportunity, in the “real” YanXinXi fluctuation kongfu, to further enhance the consciousness of the discipline, always remember to give our love and the great trust of the municipal party committee, firmly with high style to ensure efficient propulsion, high standard task goals throughout the year, the results of real work to hand in a satisfactory answer to the organization.At the meeting, members of the high-tech zone team made a statement.The persons in charge of each commission and bureau summarized the work in 2021 in turn, and all of them expressed that they would make greater contributions to the high-quality development of Meihe New Area by consolidating their perseverance, boosting their confidence in overcoming difficulties and their determination to revitalize and develop.Source: Jilin Urban and Rural network author: Meng Yudan Editor-in-chief: Meng Fanjie Shi Wei Han Tieying editor: Chu Hui