Wenzhou Lucheng pupils proposed a special zebra crossing to “settle down” at the gate of Nanpu Primary school

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Near the gate of Nanpu Primary School’s Nantang campus, a special yellow and white zebra crossing has been added recently, which is very conspicuous.The reporter learned that the zebra crossing was set up because of a proposal from wenzhou Nanpu Primary school students.On Feb. 14, a group of children are helping the construction workers draw lines and fill in colors on the south side of the gate of Nanpu Primary School’s Nantang campus.After three hours of hard work, a yellow and white zebra crossing “made its home” here.Looking at the completed zebra crossing in front of them, they cheered.This is the children put forward the suggestion, did not think, step by step “fell to the ground”.City bureau two brigade two squadrons sheriff Lin Jing alum, told reporters that the special zebra crossing, a proposal from wenzhou nanpu elementary school students: every peak, school school of road traffic congestion, easily maintained pedestrians and vehicles is difficult, also see a lot of pedestrians crossing the road directly, very insecure, suggested adding a special zebra crossing.After receiving the proposal, Lin Jingfan immediately made contact with the city traffic management bureau order brigade, and came to the scene for investigation, immediately decided to accept the proposal of the children.’Unlike normal zebra crossings, the new zebra crossing is yellow and white. It has a stronger visual impact and enhances the traffic warning effect of passing cars giving way to pedestrians,’ Mr. Lin said.”This time we are excited to witness the birth of the zebra crossing, and see that most of us, whether motor vehicles or non-motor vehicles, will slow down to give way, so that we can go to and from school safer.”One of the students, Wang Yueting, kept clapping happily.According to the reporter, the proposal of the children was inspired by the PBL series of “Every Corner can be more friendly” courses specially designed by Wenzhou Nanpu Primary School to create a child-friendly city in Wenzhou.In January this year, students from Nanpu Primary School embarked on an interdisciplinary learning journey under the guidance of their teachers.With the PBL learning sheet “Every Corner can be More friendly”, the children walked around the campus in pairs during the break to observe the corners of the campus. The “Love Umbrella” was warm, the “Waiting Bar” was spacious, the “Smiling face Wall” was pleasant, and the “Lost and Found” was considerate.With the progress of the course, the children also went out of the classroom and walked around the streets, looking for the corners around their lives that were child-friendly or not. According to the requirements of the task list of “Promoting child-friendly City Proposal”, the children discussed in groups and discussed practical solutions.”Every corner can be friendlier. Cities are not just for adults, but for children.”Referring to the original intention of the curriculum, Li Bi, principal of Wenzhou Nanpu Primary School, said that the curriculum mainly allows students to view a city from a one-meter perspective, so that real learning happens naturally.In the implementation process, let students personally participate in the city friendly construction, take the initiative to find the “friendly” and “unfriendly” around, and the “zebra crossing at the school gate” is one of them.”The birth of this zebra crossing will be the best ‘back-to-school gift’ for children.”Li said that this method of engaging students in education has been recognized by the society, which gives students great encouragement and a sense of achievement as good as getting good grades in exams, which is very conducive to the healthy growth of children.Children’s Ideas for Building Child-friendly Cities In a proposal to Promote child-friendly Cities submitted by students, the reporter found many proposals with a “one-meter perspective”.For example, it is found that the trash can in the residential area needs to be pushed to throw garbage, but the door is too high and heavy for children to throw garbage in, and some of them with less strength cannot push the door.To that end, they hope to set up several low garbage cans for children in the community, and proposed that the garbage cans be equipped with foot pedals.Some of the students found that the gym equipment in the neighborhood was almost high, and some of it was out of reach for small children.They proposed to increase some sports equipment available to children in the community, so that children can also enjoy the joy of sports in front of the door.In addition, some students suggested that smoking would affect children’s health and other problems. They hoped that smoking rooms could be set up in communities or no smoking signs could be put up in places with many children.In the implementation of the course, children suddenly found that children can also be the masters of the city, and can also participate in the planning and governance of the city.As Chen Huahan, a student, said, “I find it very nice that parents, teachers, and the city’s construction and administrators will respond and support us when we put forward reasonable ideas and suggestions.”Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)