Take you to appreciate the “hard power” of pelvic floor and Anorectal Difficult Disease Diagnosis and treatment Center of Zhongshan Sixth Hospital

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It was nearly the Lunar New Year and the center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Pelvic Floor and Anorectal Difficult Diseases (hereinafter referred to as “the Center”) was still full of patients from all over the country. At noon, Professor Ren Donglin started an afternoon of famous experts’ clinic as usual.According to statistics, since the diagnosis and treatment Center for Pelvic floor and Anorectal Difficult Diseases was officially established nearly 8 months ago, the center has completed nearly 100 cases of difficult operations:Sacral nerve stimulator implantation, grading diagnosis and treatment of patients with anal pain according to etiology assessment and pain score, laparoscopic total pelvic organ suspension for total pelvic organ prolapse, combined resection and reconstruction of all pelvic organs for various advanced or recurrent pelvic tumors, etc.And the first to carry out sigmoid colon double-barrel dry-and-wet Colonstomy surgery, so that patients can reduce the burden of ostomy care.What is Sacral nerve therapy?As the name implies, it is the treatment method that regulates through nerves, alleviates and regulates the sacral nerve pathway and sacral nerve reflex arc that innervate pelvic floor movement, and restores the function of pelvic floor organs such as bladder, urethra, rectum and anal sphincter.The procedure of sacral nerve stimulator implantation includes two stages: peripheral nerve evaluation and permanent sacral nerve stimulator implantation. Permanent sacral nerve stimulator can be implanted after the successful peripheral nerve evaluation test.As of January 2022, 21 patients have been operated on this new technology since it was approved for qualification, and good efficacy has been achieved for mixed constipation, fecal incontinence, prerectorectomy syndrome, chronic pelvic pain, neurogenic intestinal dysfunction/bladder dysfunction and other diseases.More importantly, patients’ quality of life improved significantly.Center grasps “true” school motto, professor in donglin for pelvic floor functional diseases diagnosis and treatment of “precise evaluation, accurate diagnosis, careful management” under the guidance of the concept, and the guangdong academy of sciences institute of new materials Dr Yan stars team, narcotic pain in our team, combining the operating room nursing team, accurate preoperative assessment, as joint configuration suite with 3 d printing accuracy,Accurate ultrasonic localization during the operation greatly shorten the operation time and improve the success rate of the operation.The center carried out sacral nerve stimulator surgery record away from pain pain pain, six hospitals more understand your pain, anorectal patients are the most headache and worry about the problem.Patients often can not find out the cause of the diagnosis and treatment in multiple departments, delay again and again, even because of the pain caused by unknown symptoms further aggravate.Spend money, more experience repeated physical and mental double torture, miserable.Through systematic evaluation, the center understood the etiology of patients with anal pain, and graded diagnosis and treatment of anal pain based on visual VAS.Combined with “bilateral pubic nerve block, rectal fascia release, trigger point drug block treatment” three techniques, play the advantages of each therapy, accurately find out the cause of anal pain.Based on the “three +” technique, “epigabdominal inferior plexus + singular ganglion block” was also performed in our hospital for chronic pelvic pain.Since the mature application of “three +” in clinical treatment, very good results have been achieved.One month after surgery, the relief rate of anal pain and chronic pelvic pain was close to 75%.Three months after surgery, patients who were followed up with oral drug therapy experienced a nearly 50% remission of symptoms and pain.There’s another kind of “pain” in the dressing room!In the dressing room of the anus before, postoperative patients suffered severe pain and even some strong men would cry.What’s going on here?Originally, it was a convalescent patient after anal fistula surgery.”I can’t even eat at ordinary times, I have to pray when I go to the bathroom, and I feel like dying when I take medicine,” said Kobayashi, a patient.To this end, Professor Ren Donglin’s team, together with ruan Xiangcai, chief physician of anesthesiology Department, carried out continuous analgesia technology after pudendal nerve block, which greatly reduced postoperative pain in patients with anal fistula.”It is much better than before. Sometimes there is a little pain, but sometimes I can’t feel it.” Wang Shu, another patient who received analgesic treatment, was happy, adding that he felt very good this time in hospital without pain.The center carries out intractable pelvic pain inferior abdominal plexus + singular ganglion block to protect the total pelvic viscerectomy. Sounds strange?This operation can be “promising”, it is the ultimate solution for advanced rectal cancer and even recurrent pelvic organ evil tumors, radiotherapy complications and other complex diseases, completely from the root for patients to get rid of pain.The operation is extremely difficult, and is often regarded as a landmark operation of high-level third-class a hospital.Accurate preoperative investigation, less intraoperative bleeding, sufficient resection of the lesion, low postoperative infection and fast recovery are the evaluation criteria.Due to the removal of rectum and bladder, postoperative reconstruction of stool and urine flow diversion in the pelvic cavity has become one of the focal points and difficulties for surgeons and patients.In recent years, the center has adopted the advanced concept of this specialty in Europe and The United States, taking the lead in carrying out the “double-barrel dry-and-wet Colonstomy” technology. Patients can realize a bag to solve their daily physiological needs and reduce the number of abdominal stomies.In addition, it was found that there was no increase in the incidence of urinary tract infection caused by stool retrograde infection in clinical practice, which effectively improved patient satisfaction.Behind these “hard strength” is the discipline strength constructed by our strong medical team over the years!The Pelvic floor and Anorectal Difficult Diseases Diagnosis and Treatment Center of the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University has a number of honors: the professional committee member of Colorectal and Anal diseases of Chinese Association of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine, the professional Committee of Colorectal Cancer of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, the chairman of the Special committee of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine diagnosis and Treatment…It has rich clinical resources and strong specialty strength, keeping up with key and difficult clinical diseases, including functional pelvic floor diseases, intractable anorectal pelvic floor diseases, malignant recurrent advanced pelvic tumors, diagnosis and treatment of anorectal pelvic floor diseases with integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine, etc.Now the center has become a well-known discipline integrating talents, equipment, technology, medical teaching and research.The Pelvic floor Disease Research Center of Sun Yat-sen University is the first clinical scientific research department in China that takes the whole pelvic floor disease as the research object.Functional pelvic floor examination projects include 2D/3D anorectal manometry, pelvic floor emG, rectosigmoidoscopy, urodynamics examination, total esophageal manometry, 24-hour PH/ impedance measurement, and psychological evaluation;The main treatment items include sacral nerve stimulation, pelvic floor biofeedback therapy, pelvic floor psycho-biofeedback therapy, sports rehabilitation training, postpartum rehabilitation, etc.At the same time, the center also undertakes clinical teaching for undergraduates, postgraduates and advanced students, and is the only characteristic department of the affiliated hospital of Sun Yat-sen University to carry out anorectal trainee teaching for undergraduates.It receives more than 200 pelvic floor anorectal specialists for further study every year, regularly organizes training programs such as “Dragon Class of Senior Chinese Anorectal Doctors” and “Surgical video live Network conference”, which is an important base for training pelvic floor anorectal surgeons in China.In recent years, it has attracted more than 1000 trainee doctors to study in the center, which is the department receiving the most trainee doctors in this field in China.This article instructs the expert of anorectal surgery Ren Donglin, md, professor, chief physician and chief expert of anorectal surgery in our hospital.He has been a doctor for 34 years, and is good at the diagnosis and treatment of colorectal and anal diseases by combining traditional Chinese and western medicine. He has rich clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of benign anorectal diseases such as hemorrhoids, anal fistula, anal fissure, intractable constipation, and unknown anal pain, as well as colorectal tumors, fecal incontinence and some rare intractable and complex anorectal diseases.One of the pioneers in the diagnosis and treatment of functional diseases of the pelvic floor guided by the overall concept of the pelvic floor in China;In his early years, he won the first prize of the National Video Contest for colorectal and anal diseases for five consecutive times.He has won the title of “Lingnan Famous Doctor” and “National Famous Doctor”.Academic positions:At the Chinese academy of traditional Chinese and western medicine combined with colon anus disease, director of professional committee of the Chinese medical doctor association professional committee of colorectal cancer the first committee of the committee members combine traditional Chinese and western medicine diagnosis and treatment of colorectal tumor professional committee, chairman of China physicians association, and the organ function protection branch committee, deputy director of the world federation of Chinese medicine anorectal, deputy director of professional committee of the association of medical exchanges across the Taiwan straitsGastrointestinal surgery, deputy director of professional committee member of world zhonglian pelvic floor medical professional committee of the first session of the council adviser higher education institute of Chinese medicine clinical anorectal branch education research association, vice President of guangdong combine traditional Chinese and western medicine academy e. anorectal anal disease, director of professional committee of guangdong province society of Chinese medicine, deputy director of professional committee member of the Chinese medical association medical appraisal expert members of the ChineseColorectal diseases electronic journal, deputy chief editor of the journal of gastrointestinal surgery outpatient service time of the editorial board: on Tuesday afternoon, 1, 3 floor famous expert outpatient service thank Lu Li anorectal surgery doctor’s support for this article editor: yuan-chuan chang first trial: Dai Xian audit: JianWen authorized release: Yang chang-ping zhu sources: zhongshan figure 6 yuan/some pictures from 39 health network coverage