Meishan city “Spring Thunder Action 2022” the first batch of ten typical cases of food 3 cases

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Since the launch of “Spring Thunder Action 2022”, the market supervision system of Meishan city has acted quickly to investigate and handle a number of illegal cases with bad nature that are closely related to the people throughout the city, effectively safeguarding market security and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers during the New Year and Spring Festival.In order to further expand the influence of “Spring Thunder Operation 2022” and truly play the role of deterring lawbreakers and warning operators, the first batch of ten typical cases are published.Food areas are as follows: renshou one shop sales do not meet the food safety standards Case introduced: renshou market regulator in renshou found during daily inspection date shop sells no production factory name, no health food production site of blue gold viagra, immediately to the seizure, and has carried on the sampling for this product.Results: The health care product was found to contain sildenafil, a non-food raw material, after inspection by the inspection agency.The parties involved engaged in the operation of health food containing non-food raw materials “sildenafil”, in violation of the provisions of article 34 of the food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, because of suspected crime, the case has been transferred to the public security organs for investigation.Meishan city a waterworks production management is not in conformity with the food safety standards in the case is introduced: meishan city market regulator of a water plant production in meishan city called “a drinking natural spring water” bottled water sampling, the results for pseudomonas aeruginosa project is not in conformity with the GB19298-2014 “national food safety standards Drinking water “requirement, packing inspection conclusion is unqualified.Results: The party concerned’s production and operation of drinking water with pseudomonas aeruginosa exceeding the standard violated the provisions of Article 34 of the Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China. Dongpo District Market Supervision Bureau confiscated the illegal income of RMB 80 and imposed a fine of RMB 90,000 on the party.Qingshen county, a case is introduced: drink shop selling expired food case qingshen county market administration law enforcement officers in the chengdu art vocational college campus god around some drinks store for inspection, found that the store is using more than Greek yogurt and shelf life of good grain hall Dubuque type spray syrup cream drinks, immediately to the seizure and initiate an investigation.Treatment results:The parties use over the shelf life of drinks for sale, in violation of the “food safety law of the People’s Republic of China the provisions of article 34, qing county market supervision bureau in accordance with the law, god made confiscated more than the shelf life good grain Greek yogurt 12 bottles, confiscated over shelf life of Dubuque type spray syrup cream 1 bottle, confiscate the illegal income of 1134 yuan,Administrative penalty of 10000 yuan.This article is from: Meishan market supervision micro signal