It’s time to enjoy the flowers!Qujing “old village head” thousands of acres of rape open

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At present, Qujing Zhanyi District Longhua Street Qinghe community red tile house village, thousands of acres of rape beautiful blooming, flowers at the right time, clock to hurry.Qinghe community red tile-roofed house, a poetic place.This year, the small village is surrounded by gold.Nowadays, the breeze is not dry, spring just.Zhanyi District Hongwafang village, qujing dialect Shouting “old village head” doorstep, nearly a thousand acres of rape blossom.Under the blue sky and white clouds, the golden rapeseed flower sea undulates, the flower branches sway in the wind, and the flower sea bee flies and dances, forming a graceful rural landscape painting.After the Spring Festival, as the weather gets warmer, rape flowers are blooming, becoming qujing city edge of the new Internet celebrity punch card resort.From the Spring Festival to now, it attracts many citizens to come here every day to enjoy flowers and take pictures, and encounter the most beautiful spring in Red tile-roofed house.Red tile house reservoir lake long, white horses in the distance nibbling grass on the shore;The water is full of golden yellow, thousands of acres of cascading rape flowers.Exquisite flowers, delicate green leaves, appear all the more dazzling below the illuminate of the sun, swaying much appearance below spring breeze, fragrance of flowers is 4 excessive, butterfly dance lightly between flowers, in groups of citizens are freely placed between flowers, to the top of one’s bent the United States is patting, enjoying the idyllic scenery of doorstep.Between admiring flowers, perhaps you can come across the old village head who speaks dialect and listen to him kan a few dialects.It takes about 20 minutes to get to Hongwabang Village, Chongha Community, Yonghwa Street, from Zhanji-gu. The rape flower sea is near the beautiful reservoir.The road is smooth and fast throughout the whole journey. The wind is strong on the top of the rapeseed hill, and the road is gravel road. Ladies suggest wearing comfortable flat bottom, sports shoes, and wearing a sunshade hat or gauze.Chuncheng Evening News – open screen news reporter Jiang Qiongbo correspondent Qi Qi He Manfei Jiang Suochang photographic reporting task editor Yi Keyan proofread Guo Yi editor Zhao Meigui