Free trade Yantai “District pass MTR” linkage ushered in the first quarter of the “good start”

2022-05-15 0 By

China Shandong network – Perception Shandong April 6 – (correspondent Wang Congong Diao Wei Zhu Yassen) recently, under the supervision of yantai customs site, 5 qualified pet dogs, boarded a direct flight from Yantai to Milan, Italy, set out to their new home.This export business is not only the first time for Free trade Yantai to export live pets this year, but also the first time for Yantai International Airport to open direct flights to Italy, which has become another achievement of the customs to support enterprises under the jurisdiction to explore new markets.”Due to the emergence of various first, we initially encountered many problems, not familiar with customs business, animal quarantine requirements and so on. Fortunately, customs provided accurate guidance and quality service from export document filling to rabies antibody testing.”Shandong brilliant international logistics development Co., LTD. General manager Wu Junyi said.In order to support pet export enterprises to expand the international market and help Yantai Airport to build the largest live pet export port in the province, customs business experts and enterprises together to study China’s latest document requirements and relevant laws and standards of import countries, master the specific requirements of different countries, through strengthening the audit of declaration materials and clinical quarantine before exit,Ensure that every pet quarantine certificate is complete, breeding files are complete, immunization records are complete, chip identification meets the requirements, and no symptoms of infectious diseases.In addition, in terms of the convenience of customs clearance, the customs has realized the seamless connection between process supervision and pre-exit inspection, and achieved the goal of “report as you arrive, report as you check, and release as you check” to facilitate the rapid customs clearance and export of live pets.Up to now, Yantai Airport has more than 100 cargo flights to South Korea, Japan, Europe and other countries and regions every week.To expand the city’s openness to the outside world, free trade Yantai gives full play to the linkage advantage of “district customs port”, layout “sea”, “land” and “air” coordination, encrypt the China-Japan-ROK air route, promote the “multi-port linkage” between Inchuan and Yantai air and sea ports, continue to open up new channels for sea, land and air combined transport, and smooth the “maritime expressway” between China, Japan and South Korea.In order to ensure the smooth operation of yantai airport logistics, Yantai Customs has made every effort to create an optimal port business environment and actively explored new regulatory modes of cross-border e-commerce, market procurement and other new trade formats. A series of policy dividends, including “two-step declaration”, “advance declaration” and “RCEP 6-hour release”, have been released in Yantai Airport.At the same time, Customs has also intervened in the second phase of airport construction in advance to maximize the functions of ports, improve the capacity of international cargo channels, and help the airport’s international cargo business to make new breakthroughs.