Don’t buy pickles placed in the open

2022-05-15 0 By

When shopping for vegetables, many people choose to go to large supermarkets, while many prefer to go to the food markets with high quality and low price and a wide variety of food.There are two kinds of vegetables in the vegetable market that many people like to buy but may be harmful to their health.Pickles in the open.In the market, where people come and go every day, dust, bacteria and droplets from talking and coughing passers-by can settle on the open pickles.Gongjianzhuang, deputy director of the department of gastroenterology of Zhengzhou Central Hospital affiliated to Zhengzhou University, reminded that, unlike other fresh vegetables, many pickles are soaked in water for a long time, if bacteria enter, in a humid and warm environment, it is easy to rot, so don’t buy pickles placed in the open air.In addition, pickled food more or less will produce nitrite, but the content of nitrite is not constant, it will have a first rise and then decline with the curing time, generally will reach the peak about half a month after curing, and then began to decrease.It is recommended to eat pickles either within a few hours of the beginning or after 20 days.However, pickles are not the longer the better, the content of nitrite reached a low point, and a small rise, pickles will also appear mildew and other conditions.Bulk balls.Meatballs are a favorite for many people, especially when eating hot pot.In order to meet the needs of consumers who can eat different flavors without buying too many for too long, many places have bulk sales.However, when the balls are exposed to the air and should be in the packaging, they are easily contaminated with bacteria, which may cause gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhea and gastroenteritis.Some vendors may sell refrozen meatballs, and repeated thawing and freezing can also increase the number of harmful colonies.Suggest to oneself health, had better buy the bag that formal manufacturer sells meatball.