Appointments available!Starting from March 1, more individual income tax will be refunded and less will be paid

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The individual income tax calculation for 2021 will start on March 1.This individual income tax calculation has an important change, is to launch an appointment to handle tax services.If you need to do your annual settlement online between March 1 and March 15, you can make an appointment to do your tax through the mobile personal income tax APP from February 16.Screenshot of the individual income tax APP.The time of the 2021 annual settlement is from March 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022, which spans four months and is handled 24 hours a day at any time. Taxpayers have plenty of time to handle tax, so there is no need to rush in a few days before.Taxpayers who need to handle the annual settlement between March 1 and March 15 can make an appointment by logging in to the personal income tax APP on their mobile phones from 6 am to 22 PM every day from February 16 to March 15.The booking procedure is very simple, and the function will be available on February 16.Screenshot of the individual income tax APP.What if I don’t have an appointment with my preferred date?There is no need to hurry. You can choose another date to make an appointment, or you can not make an appointment. After March 16, you can directly log in the mobile personal income tax APP or the website to apply for the settlement declaration.If the taxpayer does have an emergency and has not made an appointment to the appropriate date, he can also go to the tax service hall of the competent tax authority to handle the matter directly.Is it still possible to make an appointment after March 1st?From March 1 to March 15, taxpayers can still make an appointment through the mobile personal income tax APP. They can make an appointment on any unfilled date.Of course, taxpayers can also log in the mobile personal income tax APP or website after March 16 without making an appointment.Who needs to handle the annual settlement?(1) the amount of tax paid in advance is greater than the amount of tax payable in the annual settlement and the tax refund is applied for;(2) the comprehensive income obtained during the tax year exceeds 120,000 yuan and the amount of tax payable exceeds 400 yuan.Shall refund or BuShuiE = [(comprehensive income income – $60000 – “three risks a gold” and other special deduction – their children’s education and so on special additional deduction – determined in accordance with the other deduction – qualified public welfare charity donations) by the applicable tax rate – simplified deduct number] – already prepay taxes is important to note that for the annual income of the taxpayer,If the tax is not declared and made up after the end of the annual settlement period, the tax department will charge a late fee in accordance with the law, and mark it in the individual income tax Payment Record.Editor: Yuan Yuan Source: Zhengzhou Evening News