After trashing Russia’s economy, THE US is hitting China again!The Taiwan Straits issue was mentioned twice in succession

2022-05-15 0 By

The effects of conflict between Russia and Ukraine is quite large, the past has been in the us and Europe want to blockade containment to Russia, and under the background of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the us and Europe to Russia’s blockade and more stringent, in the us and Europe to combat, Russia’s economy will be difficult, first kick Russia out of the payment system, and also want to forced Russia with the global supply chain “decoupling”,It’s all about shutting down the Russian economy.But just as it is hammering Russia’s economy, the US is hitting China again.The United States began to sell China local time on March 10, the senate foreign relations committee hearings in the United States, American politicians flagrantly referred to Taiwan, and encouraging development of Taiwan “asymmetric warfare”, unexpectedly also pointed to remind Taiwan, said Ukraine now to Russia’s resistance performance, is the “good” Taiwan to defend itself in the future.In addition, on March 9 and 10, the US House and Senate respectively passed the “fiscal year 2022 omnibus spending Bill”, which Was quickly signed by Biden. In the bill, the Taiwan Strait issue was once again mentioned.America this is menacing, and constantly build Taiwan in the world is a “national” illusion, release the wrong signal to Taiwan’s democratic progressive party authorities, is completely ignoring signed between China and the United States “the three joint communiques” spirit, China urged the United States quickly enough is enough, must proceed with caution, stop pushing related issues, and delete the related terms.Taiwan has always been a part of China. This is a historical and legal fact that can never be changed by any force. We hope the US can face this squarely.What is Biden up to?It is not hard to see, biden recently various big many, on the one hand, on the question of Ukraine GongHuo unceasingly, crazy compression Russia’s living space, on the other hand and kept in the Taiwan strait issue release error signals, constantly provoke China, in terms of the overall situation, this kind of behavior is very dangerous, but biden still nature also, way of doing what?Analysts say it is likely to be for the U.S. mid-term presidential election.It is well known that Biden’s approval rating is not high, and even continues to decline, analysts believe that Biden is trying to use this way to divert public attention, while taking the opportunity to shift the crisis.In practice, however, The United States has been infuriated by China’s lack of engagement with Ukraine, and frustrated by the fact that Russia shows no sign of relenting.Biden may not be able to use China and Russia to “boost” himself.Part of the news reference source: huanqiu net