10 new ships will arrive soon!Guangyuan port capacity increased by 3,000 tons

2022-05-15 0 By

On April 6, the reporter learned from sichuan Guangyuan Port Group Co., Ltd. that in order to increase water transport strength, the company recently purchased 10 bulk cargo ships are moving through the Jialing River basin with great strength and are expected to arrive at Guangyuan Port on August 8.According to this company chief introduction, this year is the province of transportation hall positioning “Sichuan water transport breakthrough year”, jialing river waterway cargo volume plans to increase 20%, our city this year also issued the transport task of 100 thousand tons.The 10 new ships will add about 3,000 tons of shipping capacity.Up to now, the company has completed the 60 thousand tons of upward aluminum oxide powder transport contract signing work, is increasing the contact with the fifth bureau of hydropower logistics company, and strive to reach 80 thousand tons of downward coal transport contract.”At 9 o ‘clock this morning, we passed mahui lock and arrived at Pengan County, Nanchong City. We are expected to pass Xincheng lock and stop at Yilong County in the afternoon.After five days of sailing, the fleet has traveled nearly 600 kilometers and is only two days away from Guangyuan Port.”The head of the company said.It is reported that the 10 newly purchased ships were purchased from Zunyi in the Chishui River basin. After undergoing maintenance at a shipyard in Hejiang County, they set sail on the morning of April 2, went down the Yangtze River and entered the Lize shipping hub in chongqing section of jialing River at Chaotianmen on April 4.Then it will enter tongzihao navigation and electricity hub in our province. It is expected to arrive at Guangyuan Port on April 8, covering a total distance of 861 kilometers.Guang Yuan Daily all media reporter guan Hanbing editor: Sun Hongling proofread: Zhao Na review: Feng Xun editor: Cheng Zhu Rong