What reason is leukaemia?Look at the

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The incidence rate of leukemia is particularly high, which is a very terrible blood disease. Once the onset of leukemia leads to fever, anemia and other manifestations, and even serious bleeding will affect the daily life of patients.The cause of leukaemia has a lot of, and very complex, everybody needs to pay attention to blood change, understand the pathogeny of leukaemia thoroughly, the disease that 4 causes below can raise leukaemia sends rate.1. Viral factors.RNA viruses are very easy to spread in animals such as mice, cats, chickens and cows. If close contact with these animals is very easy to infect these viruses, thus increasing the incidence of leukemia, which is particularly serious.2. Chemical factors.Many chemicals in our daily life can cause leukemia.People exposed to benzene and its derivatives are particularly vulnerable to leukemia.In addition, there are some anti-tumor cytotoxic drugs, such as cyclophosphamide, nitrogen mustard, methyl benzyl hydrazine, etc., can damage the blood health, the symptoms of leukemia, harm the health of patients.3. Radiation factors.In daily life, ionizing radiation is easy to cause human leukemia. The occurrence of this disease depends on the dose of radiation absorbed by the human body. Once the whole body or part of the body is exposed to radiation, it will create good conditions for the onset of leukemia and bring adverse effects on blood health.In addition, the incidence of leukemia can be greatly increased by people who often contact radioactive substances.4. Genetic factors.There are chromosomal aberrations of the population, the incidence of leukemia is higher than normal, so as to bring adverse effects on blood and body health.The 4 causes above all can cause the occurrence of leukaemia, trouble more patients, everyone should take leukaemia seriously.Combined with the above reasons to do a good job of prevention, once the symptoms of leukemia, need to actively go to the hospital for medical treatment.Using reasonable comprehensive treatment, can stabilize the patient’s condition, and can improve the patient’s quality of life, conducive to health recovery.