45 km/h speed!Japan’s Future X carbon-fiber electric three-wheeled scooter costs NT $100,000

2022-05-14 0 By

Japanese electric scooter manufacturer Named “Future” announced on December 29, 2021 that the Future X, the world’s first all-carbon fiber electric three-wheel scooter, will be officially available for pre-sale from December 30, Japan time. The pre-sale price is 428,000 yen, about NT $102,900.Future’s factory is located in Suzuka city, Mie Prefecture, Japan, which is also the well-known suzuka racing place. With the resources of the surrounding racing supply chain, Future created the world’s first carbon fiber electric three-wheel skateboard Future X.Future X includes the frame, handle frame, rear suspension, battery and electric motor housing, and rear fender. All of them are made of carbon fiber. The three-wheel electric scooter with seat cushion weighs only 18.5kg, and the high rigidity of carbon fiber frame also provides better stability and steering support.The Future X’s front axle features a newly developed multi-directional tilt-steering suspension system, similar to a car’s independent suspension. The lower arms are specially designed for carbon fiber frame characteristics, and the tilt-steering rudder can be used to steer the tires.Power system part, Future X focuses on climbing ability, equipped with 48V 600W electric motor, full torque can deal with slope up to 15% (speed will slow down), with five sections of output adjustment function, top speed up to 45km/h, maximum endurance up to 50km, and adopt front and rear disc brake, providing all-weather stable braking performance.The Future X comes with a brake lock feature that keeps the car from rolling over even when it stops on a slope, and a detachable 48V 16Ah lithium battery that can be recharged with 100V at home can be fully charged in about 4 hours. In Japan, the electricity charge for a full charge is only about 10 yen. There is also an optional rear basket that can hold about 12 rolls of toilet paper.The load weight is 10 kg.