You can have a beautiful scenery of the great Beauty of Pizhou

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Pizhou in 2022, the people’s livelihood by practical and official project plan involving 8 categories of 52 pieces of practical and know about you I ginkgo melt medium special planning 2022 people’s livelihood and plan of “drawings” series of posters today launched the third phase of economic development more beautiful ecological environment is to protect the ecological environment of the people’s livelihood is also for the sake of the people’s livelihood in 2021 if a hand over a beautiful environmentThe number of days with good air quality accounted for 83.6%, up 3% year on year, ranking both in the front rank of Xuzhou implement comprehensive treatment of 50 low-quality tributaries. The coverage rate of domestic sewage treatment facilities in 8 administrative villages in the pilot town of garbage classification reached 86.4%, and the household occupancy rate reached 42.8%..A bluer sky, greener mountains, clearer water and a more beautiful environment pizhou is coming to us. This year pizhou around the “more beautiful ecological environment” plan to implement 10 practical projects of people’s livelihood through the poster to take you to a quick overview from sewage treatment to garbage classification from river management to human settlement environment renovation from water system circulation to solve the problem of water…The solemn commitment of each ecological environment construction reflects the strong responsibility of the Municipal Party committee and the municipal government. The expectation of the people and the direction of the government. The ecological environment is linked to the quality of people’s lives and social harmony and stability.People’s happiness, sense of access will be greatly enhanced and once destroyed often cause serious ecological loss and economic and social harm become the people’s livelihood, the pain of the people so must continue to play a good blue sky, clear water, clean land to protect the beauty of Pizhou green mountains such as Dai yearning fertile fields full of vitality……What practical projects are you most concerned about?What are your new expectations for a better life?This year, pizhou plans to add nine new schools and 800 teachers……This year, Pizhou to share electric vehicles……| after the people’s livelihood and (2) planning | design | Huang Yang wang wei edit edit | | zhu yu responsibility Huang Yang Zhu yu editing | Zhang Rui producer | Peng Yan ☟ ☟ if ginkgo guilin WeChat ID | pznews