Two yuan in the character set, maid set never absent, army niang and elves are also very popular

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Secondary yuan work set of secondary works will appear a lot of characters, but characters itself due to similar style, for example the famous Kyoto face or the same painter painting style was very close to, but to use different color hair style clothing to distinguish between the pupil, and a very convenient method is the character set.This is especially true for non-realistic works, where the characters are not necessarily the same, especially in fantasy works.In fantasy, because the whole world view is built on stilts, all of the characters can be multiple at the same time.Ancient, modern, modern, eastern and western can all be mixed together like a hotchpotch.Even in works like Naruto, there are still a variety of costumes mixed up, different costumes and costumes constitute different character Settings.Although there are many popular characters in Manga, due to the audience’s preference and other reasons, there will always be many similar characters. For example, the top three characters in the list will definitely have maid costumes, and even the maid type characters may be the first in the list to some extent.Second can be compared with the maid nature is beast ear characters, after all, many cross was represented by actor tone, expressed some official set and ridicule, the beast ear characters among through words is essential, the most afraid of is the beast ear and maid together, it should be no problem at the top of the have no questions.In addition, due to the attribute of the maid, sometimes she does not have too strong combat effectiveness. In order to set some roles with outstanding combat effectiveness for the protagonist, sometimes she or captain will be used.In addition, an animation also has villains in addition to the main character Fang, and villains sometimes need to be introduced in order, and often a new villain is introduced at intervals.Villain in this case, in order to avoid the distinction between the audience aesthetic fatigue, so also need according to the characteristics of a fiend classify some modelling design, especially now the audience will play the villain’s auras and modelling combination qualitative characteristics for a certain appearance, and according to the appearance characteristics to estimate its strength or exits,Whether will take lunch or wash white and so on.So a work now, the plot is of course a big fundamental to attract the audience, but the shape of the characters will also be very important, after all, some works before the broadcast of the feature film are by publicity PV, sometimes also need to post a variety of posters in the streets to promote.Therefore, the modeling of the characters plays a key role in the publicity. After all, the characters on the posters are just placed there without dialogue or story, and the information is limited before the feature film is broadcast.If the story is not based on an existing comic book or novel, especially if it is an original work, the audience will be able to directly experience these characters.At this time, a variety of shapes can play a role in attracting different audience groups, which is why the figures in many works look very mixed, seemingly unable to tell which era or style they belong to, and also because of the reason to attract different potential audiences.