Today the beginning of spring, remember 1 hide, 2 do not, 3 eat, 4 avoid, thriving over the New Year

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Today, the start of Spring is the first of the 24 solar terms.In ancient times, people celebrated the Spring Festival on the day of Start of Spring (the meaning of this Spring Festival is different from the modern Spring Festival). The first day of the first lunar month is called “Yuandan”.Since the Spring Festival was assigned to the New Year’s Day in 1914, start of Spring has become a common solar term.The beginning of Spring in ancient times is a more lively festival than the Spring Festival now, and there are a lot of attention to the festival.There is a folk saying “four taboo, two no, three eat, one hide”.Four taboo 1) taboo married women home.In ancient times, The start of Spring was a festival that was bigger than the New Year. The ancients believed that married women would take away the energy of their in-laws’ family when they returned to their parents’ home on this day, resulting in poverty for their in-laws.On the other hand, the start of Spring marks the beginning of spring.When a married woman returns to her parents’ home, it is not good to delay the preparation of spring ploughing if her parents are busy entertaining her.2) Avoid seeing a doctor is the so-called “a year’s plan depends on spring”, spring is the beginning of a new cycle, go to the doctor on this day, indicating that in the following year will be ill.This is the same as not seeing a doctor on the first day of the New Year, all for a good fortune.3) Avoid haircut hair, germination, birth meaning.Spring returns to the earth, vegetation is new, this time should not go to destroy the growth of vegetation.The hair of the human body is the “vegetation” of the body.Therefore, it should not be destroyed.Spring is the beginning of the year, and it is a bad day for the whole year.In order to win the prize, it is best not to argue with others on this day.The beginning of spring: stand erect.Meaning on the day of Start of Spring, people should sit or stand up to welcome spring instead of lying in bed.As the saying goes, “Children’s noodles on the start of Spring have three changes in one day.”The weather of the start of Spring is like a child’s face, one cold and one hot. When you take off your clothes, you may be frozen.There is a folk saying of “covering spring”. Although the weather is getting warmer after the start of Spring, winter clothes should be covered (worn) for a period of time.1) Spring cake Spring cake, a hot pancake —- with two small pieces of flour, oil in the middle, made into a pancake, baked cooked can be uncovered into two pieces.Spring cakes wrap dishes with cakes and eat them from beginning to end.”At the beginning of spring, there is no noble or lowly chewing radish, so it is called” biting spring “.Gnaw turnip, that “bite spring”.Radish taste hot (spicy), people believe that the beginning of spring to eat radish, not only can solve spring sleepy, but also “bite the root broken, Pepsi can be done” to eat bitter meaning.Fried spring rolls 3) Fried spring rolls, make the noodles into the shape of spring silkworm, because it is done on the start of spring day, also known as “exploring the spring silkworm”.Make a fresh start and welcome the New Year.Since the beginning of Spring is the time when the New Year and the old year alternate, and the twelve branches of the earth take over and rotate, traditional customs believe that it will have a bad influence on those who are too old in the zodiac, so there is a folk saying of “hiding in spring”.For one hour before and one hour after the start of Spring, those guilty of the zodiac sign must stay alone in their rooms until the start of Spring has passed.Finally, the start of spring this year coincides with the fourth day of the lunar New Year, and the opening of the Winter Olympics is a good day to welcome the gods and bring good fortune to the three Goats.On this special day, may as well do according to the old tradition, the next year will be smooth and prosperous.# Red-hot Chinese New Year