The 2021 Employment report of Huadian has been released, which shows that 90% of the students have obtained employment, and 40% of the undergraduates continue their studies

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North China Electric Power University is not unfamiliar to most people. It has the reputation of Huangpu Military Academy for electric power. In addition, most people prefer employment in the electric power industry, which is favored by parents of high school students.The employment report of 2021 Graduates of Huadian Has been released. Let’s see where the graduates are going to find jobs.Employment report data by the end of November 2021, the overall employment rate is 90.66%, including 87.65% for undergraduates and 96.47% for postgraduates, which is significantly higher than that for undergraduates. It can be seen that employers’ orientation drives more graduates to join the army of postgraduate entrance examination.In the class of 2021, 39.23% of undergraduate graduates went on to further their studies for postgraduate entrance exams, and 3.23% of postgraduate students went on to pursue doctoral degrees.Huadian has two campuses in Beijing and Baoding. The overall employment rate of undergraduates in Beijing campus is 88.59%, while that in Baoding campus is 83.25%, which is about 5% lower than that in Beijing campus. This is also the reason for the higher admission scores in Beijing Campus.Beijing campus has obvious advantages in learning environment, employment, knowledge, employment opportunities, graduate guarantee rate and other aspects. If the college entrance examination score is not good enough, Baoding campus will undoubtedly provide the opportunity to study in Huadian.The number of 2021 graduates entering the world’s Top 500 enterprises accounted for 38.24% of the total number of signed contracts, and those entering China’s Top 500 enterprises accounted for 42.16% of the total number of signed contracts.Units with a large number of graduates include:State grid co., LTD., China southern power grid co., LTD., China nuclear industry group, China huaneng group, China construction group, the Yangtze river three gorges group, China’s energy construction group, datang group, national electric power investment group, China electric power construction group and other large state-owned enterprises, more than fifty percent of the graduates in state-owned enterprises, the employment quality is very good.From the perspective of employment regions, most undergraduates are from grassroots areas in western China, accounting for 34.07%, 23.10% from Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, 13.57% from Yangtze River Delta, and 10.53% from Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.The beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region accounted for 47.37%, the western basic-level region 15.97%, the Yangtze River Delta region 12.46%, and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area 4.55%.Postgraduates are more likely to find jobs in The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.From professional employment view, electrical engineering and its automation, electronic information engineering, smart grid, new energy science and engineering, automation, mechanical engineering () transmission line engineering, computer science and technology, energy and power engineering is closely related to the power of professional employment rate is significantly higher than the power professional, such as public utilities management, advertising, such as administrative management professional,Should consider major to admit mark adequately when enter oneself for an examination lest be adjusted to these major.According to the admission score reference, in 2021, in a batch of science departments in Shaanxi Province, Huadian (Beijing Campus) has the lowest filing score of 576 points, 133 points beyond the first-grade line, and the highest score of 619 points.The lowest filing score of Huadian (Baoding Campus) is 550 points, 26 points lower than that of Beijing Campus. The difference is not small. Students with lower scores should focus on the relevant majors in Baoding Campus.The admission score of each major in 2021 is not available on the school’s official website, but generally, the admission score of the dominant major is about 15 points higher than the minimum admission score of the school.Before the 2022 annual report examination, the school’s admission scores of each major can be found, when registering for the examination must refer to the specific major admission scores, do not ignore the major because of the school.If you can’t reach the school’s advantage major score, you are advised to consider another school.As an industrial college, Huadian has obvious advantages. The employment rate and quality of electricity-related majors are both good.Want to develop better, take an examination of one’s deceased father grind is very necessary, nearly 40% undergraduate course graduate chooses to continue to pursue advanced study already enough to explain a problem.With only 120 days to go before the 2022 national College Entrance Examination, those who fail in the 2021 national college Entrance Examination need to work harder.