I didn’t watch the Spring Festival Gala last night, but I made a note of two times

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Prosperity.According to preliminary statistics, as of 24:00 on Jan 31, the average TV audience rating of the 2022 Spring Festival Gala reached 21.93%.New media direct-on-demand users reached 4.932 billion times, a significant increase over last year.A total of 200 million viewers watched the Spring Festival Gala on vertical screens for the first time, with more than 50% of those under 30 years old, and 360 million likes received from netizens.What is 21.93?News is afraid of comparison.Online to find a data: 2019,15.62;2020,20.14;2021,19.73.After a brief fall, a new high, so to speak.However, I am very embarrassed, because the data for several consecutive years, there is no me.I grew up poor and didn’t have a TV.Later, there were black and white TV, voltage is small, use more people, screen such as waves, rolling up and down, can not see;Then there were color TV sets, but the whole family basically warmed themselves by the fire. They went to bed at about ten o ‘clock and got up at twelve to set off firecrackers.Later, everyone was on their phones, and even mom was hooked on short videos — though, admittedly, I watched half the show.This morning, someone forwarded the video of B station. Last night, during a cross talk, there was a chemical reaction between a man who spoke dialect with Dashan many years ago. The clip showed no sense of disharmony, which made me laugh…It is said that watching the Spring Festival Gala is a tradition.But in my family, we don’t do that.I believe many families are the same.After all, no matter how high the ratings are, they’re not 100%.Although did not see the Spring Festival Gala, but last night sent two circle of friends, probably plan a data.23:43: now there is no sound of firecrackers, fireworks, more than ten years ago, more than eleven o ‘clock, such as porridge, continued for one and a half hours.Are people getting greener?Still not interested?Or more frugal?00:25: Then it was quiet.The granaries are well stocked, but they are well stocked.Think back to those years when fireworks were set off on a large scale. Ordinary families had to burn hundreds of them, while the richer people had thousands of them without blinking.Colorful fireworks burst all over the sky, people look to the door, said who who put a ring number;So, so, so high;So so so so family really willing to give up.New Year’s Day, such as the custom of New Year, in groups, along the door will enter, tea chat, often talk about is this put how much, that put how much.Do not look at fireworks compared with firecrackers, is a new form, in essence still do not take off the heart of showing off, comparing and vanity.Until everyone can afford to buy, can afford to put, these thoughts, but faded.It is better to put a little less, lest the road is full of cigarettes, are not good to drive, became people’s mantra.Besides, money isn’t that easy these days, so every penny saved is a penny.In addition, today’s children have food and play, there is no post-80s childhood “arrow flower” that kind of dedication.All this, it seems, will come down to the weak flavor of the New Year…After a closer look, I can see that the previous emphasis on the New Year was actually a way to reward yourself and take a few days off after a year of hard work. Now, even registered poor households still have meat and vegetables, and in January, they also have food for the Spring Festival a few days ago.New Year flavor, faded faded bar.