Father’s advice to his son: You’d rather stay single all your life than marry the daughter of these three families

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It is a very happy thing to see one’s child find a satisfactory life partner and two people walk into marriage hand in hand.Marriage is very sacred and you should be very careful in choosing your partner.Marriage is not just for two people, but for two families.Whether two people can walk into marriage hand in hand truly, what should see is not only whether two people are satisfied with each other, but also pay attention to the family background of both sides.Xiaolin and cummer are tall at that time puppy love, two people talked about 7 years of love long-distance race to wait for university graduation eventually, Xiaolin wants to marry cummer home, however father blocks by every means however.Lin’s father thinks Lin’s girlfriend is too lazy. Every time she comes over, she sits on the sofa with her phone in her arms after dinner and doesn’t help clear the dishes or wipe the table.However, Kobayashi said such things are small problems, as long as two people really love each other.Therefore, Xiao Lin refused to listen to his father’s dissuasion and insisted on marrying his daughter home.Before long, however, Kobayashi regretted it.Before her marriage, Xiao Lin said she was willing to do housework.But just married not long, because the company project is quite busy, Xiao Lin every night to work overtime, very late home.Originally thought that he had been married, his wife can help him to cook noodles, but did not expect a messy home, the ground is thrown everywhere is left by his wife snack bags, the kitchen is still piled up after lunch did not wash the bowl.Xiao Lin and his wife discuss, in their spare time willing to contract housework, but I hope his wife can also understand his hard work, after all, under the same roof, are a family, I hope his wife usually can be diligent, clean up the family a little.But the wife retorted: Why should I clean up?Good housework you all package, since you are busy, that busy and then come back to tidy up, I did not say what you.In the face of unreasonable wife, Xiao Lin is also very angry, xiao Lin hopes to understand and tolerate each other between husband and wife, and the wife is not willing to pay in the family.After failing to communicate with his wife, Xiao Lin is so angry that he drives back to his parents’ home overnight and jokes about the incident with his father.Seeing the regretful look on his son’s face, the father gave his son three pieces of advice: A man would rather stay single all his life than marry the daughter of the following three families.A good family needs all family members to maintain and operate together, so housework can not only rely on one person, all family members should share.However, the daughter who grew up in a lazy family did not take the initiative to do housework, and always pushed when facing things.In the long run, when the couple get along, the one who often does housework will be tired, and the marriage will be difficult to maintain.2, love to take small advantage of the family love to take small advantage is a bad habit, in such a family grew up in the daughter although very smart, the things are very clear, will not let themselves suffer, but it is precisely because of scheming, it is difficult to get along with others.Young couple after getting married always want to go out social, friends can not get along without frank two words, in love to take small advantage of the family grew up in the daughter and others to get along with the total love calculation over every ounce, husband and wife 2 people inevitably because of this thing conflict.The so-called thrifty family, want to maintain a good family, we must learn to be thrifty and hard-working.Growing up in a family where comparisons are too heavy, a daughter inevitably has a certain vanity. When she sees her friend getting married, she must ask for 100,000 yuan. When she sees her best friend buying a designer bag, she cannot lose.The daughter who grows up in this kind of family only knows to keep up with the joneses, but neglects her own family condition is limited however, can bring bigger economic pressure to the boy, thus produces family contradiction and dispute.Which families do you think can’t marry their daughters?