Welcome the Winter Olympics together!One point interactive ski battle invites you to challenge, ski ticket surprise gift waiting for you

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu one point reporter Chen Chen welcome the Year of the Tiger Winter Olympics, together to the future!The world will be watching as the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games open in grand fashion tonight.The ice and snow Festival lit up everyone’s enthusiasm for ice and snow sports, and also made the atmosphere of this winter instantly filled up.To welcome the arrival of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yiidian has launched a special H5 interactive mini-game – “Ski Battle”, invite you to experience the unique charm of ice and snow sports through interactive games, and also have ski tickets, interactive red envelopes and other surprise gifts waiting for you!In the interactive game, you can become a skier, sliding down from the highest track, wanton enjoy the fun of skiing;You can cross layers of obstacles such as snowman, pick up equipment scores…Ski battle test your eyesight and hand speed, more importantly, there are interactive red envelopes, ski tickets and other surprise gifts!: Activity rules: In 60 seconds, the character is controlled to run by sliding in 4 directions of jumping up and down and dodging left and right. When picking up goggles and gloves, points are added; when encountering snowmen and obstacles, points are deducted.Step 2: Download qilu Evening News official client – Qilu One point, upload your best results screenshots to the intelligence station to get, every day can be displayed results get interactive red envelope 1 times!The event ends at 24:00 on February 9th, and the top 10 in the final ranking will also get 190 yuan adult tickets to Jinan Wolhu Mountain Ski Resort from Qilu Evening News · Qilu One Point!(Tips:Running game link to be forwarded to WeChat environment, you are welcome as I challenge together, please be sure to complete the second step after had placed in intelligence upload personal achievement, otherwise will be regarded as invalid rankings, award-winning qualification will be automatically postponed to the next) WoHuShan ski resort Shandong jun and leisure sports club co., LTD., invest in the construction, a member of the Chinese association of skiing,It is the largest professional mass tourism ski resort with the best quality in east China. It is also a member of The Chinese Ski Association and one of the top ten tourism places in Shandong Province.As a high-quality ski resort, Wolhu Mountain ski resort has wide ski slopes and large capacity, with an area of 100,000 square meters and a width of more than 160 meters. The whole ski resort can accommodate 5000 people at the same time, so that tourists can ski freely, safely and comfortably.Exclusive red envelopes and ski tickets are ready for you. Come to Qilu Evening News qilu One Point Intelligence Station to witness the grand event of the Winter Olympics and cheer for the Chinese Olympic athletes!