The neighbor’s cabinet is equipped with folding doors, which save space, open and close at will, and want to dismantle and reinstall

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Have you ever seen a folding cupboard door?Estimate a lot of people can say to have not seen such door, I also see for the first time, still be seen that of a neighbor in small area, his house bridal chamber just finished, what the cabinet installs is fold, saying is very save a space, and open close means can choose at will, super practical, look I want to redo the door of the home cabinet.Door of folding cabinet estimates a lot of people see for the first time, what see commonly is folding door, what is door of this kind of folding cabinet different then?1, open and close the way is different ordinary double door is directly open the door to both sides of 90 degrees, can take items, and this folding cabinet door is not the same, two doors together, form a folding door style, folding Angle can be arbitrarily changed, take items more convenient and flexible.2, a higher degree of safety folding cabinet door can be opened on one side or on both sides of the style.If be at the same time open close, open cupboard door to go directly at the same time, common cupboard door must be both sides open close style, produce collision easily, especially sharp horn position, contain certain dangerous sex more.PS: To do both sides open and close design or at the same time open and close design, according to the needs of their home to choose.Although folding cupboard door saves space, but also put in disadvantage, the gap between cupboard door is more, ash can enter cabinet interior through aperture, want more cleanness normally so.PS: The hardware fittings of cupboard door must choose good quality, service life of cupboard door depends on hardware fittings to decide.Do you like this folding cabinet door?If you want to save space, try this one.Disclaimer: Graphic and text from the network, please contact to delete infringement!If you have any requirements, click the blue link below to enter the understanding, free to receive the scheme, free quotation!↓↓↓↓↓ decoration design quotation – Free door-to-door quantity