The Novel Coronavirus infection of the local case in Suifenhe, Heilongjiang province is a Delta variant

2022-05-12 0 By

On October 28, the Press Office of Mudanjiang Municipal Government held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control. At the press conference, Sun Bo, deputy director of Mudanjiang Municipal Health Commission, reported that the epidemic showed obvious clusters in workplaces, families and communities after tracing the source of the epidemic.On 27 January, the Chinese center for disease control and prevention of virus disease prevention and control of suifenhe submitted by 13 cases (14) samples will be coronavirus genome sequence analysis, the results show that the indigenous cases infected will be coronavirus belongs to delta variants, submit the cases of the genome sequence of highly homologous, preliminary judgment belong to the same chain of transmission.(CCTV reporter Zhang Yixin Wang Jun Chen Zhitong)