Street restaurants charge one yuan for packing. Is that ok?

2022-05-12 0 By

A few days ago, I ate a bowl of rice noodles worth 9 yuan in pengan street. At that time, I felt quite uncomfortable, because the first 8 yuan, the next year is 9 yuan, which makes people feel unhappy.The same rice noodles, more than the old powder pavilion or according to the eight piece of in charge, but the restaurant not far from phase such as square, or even not far distance cultural park, as if there price is more expensive than the old part of the restaurant after a little use WeChat to $9 is ready to leave, suddenly noticed that a wall covered with a piece of writing words “package plus one yuan packing” the tip of paper,It’s not a big restaurant. It’s just about adding a styrofoam box. Why do you have to charge 1 yuan more?Peng an old city many fans in the customer requirements of packaging will not charge more than 1 yuan, and as the previous lawsuit, the old city many fans of the big bowl of beef powder is still in accordance with the price of 8 pieces in the charge, two relative, how will we choose?