Is Christian Wood the rockets’ long-term center of the future?

2022-05-12 0 By

The Rockets made a modest trade at the NBA trade deadline, but it was a smart move to get rid of Daniel Theis on a meaningless long-term contract.It also acquired Dennis Schroder and a young prospect in Bruno Fernando.Aside from actively planning for the future, there doesn’t seem to be any particular pressure on the Rockets right now.Of course, the team’s veteran wood and Wall failed to trade out, this is the place of concern.Will Christian Wood be a consistent center for the Rockets?Christian Wood has been a frequent name on the trade market this season, but just because he can stay with the Rockets for half the season doesn’t mean he’ll be a solid starting center for the rockets.As talented as the big man was inside, he struggled on both ends of the court.Offensively, he couldn’t keep up enough with his teammates because when the ball came into his hands, he was basically shooting.According to statistics, he leads the team in possession of the ball at 12.8 percent.However, he shot 42.1 percent from the field.So he didn’t really help the team much on the offensive end.Although his scoring and rebounding efficiency looked good on the surface, it seriously affected the rockets’ overall efficiency.The Rockets have two scorers on the defensive line: Kevin Porter Jr. and Jaylen Green.So, the Rockets inside lineup does not need wood so isolated scorer.It’s like there are too many cooks in the kitchen and need some reliable help.Wood’s role in the lineup should be more of a defensive force, able to grab enough rebounds for the guards to start the offense.The Rockets need an assistant in the post like Alperon Shin Kyung because his passing can animate the Rockets offense and his skills are more conducive to the development of the Rockets’ young backcourt.Simply put, porter Jr. and Green both need someone to pass the ball, and Shin kyung will get them the ball in time.Can Christian Wood be the Rockets’ last line of defense?As it turns out, a great NBA center needs to have a great defense.Because big post players are usually responsible for guarding the rim.For example: The Lakers’ Davis, the Nuggets’ Jokic and the numbers’ Embiid.For a center, dunks and layups are the best shots.Unfortunately, Wood lacks a strong enough defense, and when he guards the opposition’s primary players, they shoot 65.8 percent in the paint.It can be said that Wood’s defense was very bad.Remember, Jared Allen limited opponents to 55.7 percent shooting under the same conditions.Bruno Fernando, recently traded by the Rockets, limited opponents to 58.1 percent shooting.Even theis, who recently left the team, is holding opponents to 59.6 percent shooting.Finally, there’s no denying that the Rockets won’t keep Wood in the lineup forever.Could seek a trade to move Wood as soon as this offseason.As long as a team is willing to send two future first-round picks, wood could be traded.Do you think the Rockets will keep Wood at center?