Henan Spring Festival Gala goes abroad: “Cultural confidence is bursting”

2022-05-12 0 By

The 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala “Tiger, Tiger, Wind, China Trend”, produced by Henan Radio and TV, was broadcast on The evening of Jan 30.The Spring Festival Gala once again focuses on the innovative expression of excellent traditional culture. In the beautiful appearance of the blend of ancient and modern, the Chinese New Year flavor and the gorgeous traditional culture of central China are displayed incisively and vividly.Soon after the program began, “Henan Spring Festival Gala”, “Home is where the heart of Wang Yi is”, “national beauty and fragrance” and other topics and entries rushed onto the platform hot search.”Henan SATELLITE TV, YYDS (eternal God)” was praised by netizens.Similarly, this wonderful cultural feast is also popular overseas.”Henan Spring Festival Gala in the foreign response is quite big, cultural circle, enhance the cultural identity of the Overseas Chinese.”These two days, Wang Teng, an overseas Chinese living in Paris, France, has also watched the Henan Spring Festival Gala repeatedly.Wang teng, originally from Zhoukou, Henan Province, has been engaged in the wine trade in France for more than 20 years and is currently the vice president of the Federation of French Asian Catering Industries.He said that in his daily work and life, he often comes into contact with French locals and Chinese overseas Chinese. They like programs with excellent traditional Chinese culture elements very much, and Chinese culture is often one of the topics of communication at gatherings.”For example, last year’s Henan Spring Festival Gala “Tang Palace Banquet”, this year’s “National Beauty and Heavenly Fragrance”, beautiful and magnificent, many overseas Chinese saw such wonderful programs through the Internet, feel the unique charm of the Eastern Tang Dynasty, let the cultural confidence burst.”Local overseas Chinese celebrate the Spring Festival in alone, henan gala this creative expression of traditional culture, overseas Chinese like, not only local French people are very interested in,” such as the integration of classical dance and martial arts “shenzhou keeper”, after the French local friends was very surprised, they will ask what is the goalkeeper, is used to do?What’s the point?””Compared with lanterns, the character” fu “and the Chinese knot, door gods are still unfamiliar to foreigners.” This is the significance of program creation and cultural export, “Wang said.Alone special hope, with thick cultural and historical background of henan in five thousand, can make full use of its own historical and cultural resources, the cultural feast for deep and power, and look forward to the henan TV series based on the cultural profundity of creation, to move to overseas, the ancient and fashion of henan, carry forward the excellent traditional culture of the central plains in overseas.The Henan Spring Festival Gala, which combines streaming giants, AI and live-action interactive technology, is also popular among young people overseas.Hu Xufeng, a South Korean student, said he was moved to tears when he watched the Henan Spring Festival Gala in his dormitory. “Wang Yibo’s voice came out and he really missed home.”Hu Xufeng is luoyang, provincial jiaotong university in South Korea to study abroad for 5 years, return a house, a few years ago from xinzheng airport landing, then in zhengzhou east station to sit high iron back to luoyang, when yi-bo wang warm on the journey to broadcast Hu Xufeng feeling is talking to himself, “yi-bo wang said these places, I will be home after, like, like I’m in home,I couldn’t help crying.I really miss home.”Talking about the Henan Spring Festival Gala, Hu Xufeng was deeply impressed. He and his roommate, Aifi (Afif) from Indonesia, watched all the shows without missing a beat. His roommate exhaled throughout the whole show, “Especially the creative tai Chi” Next Second “, was amazed.Hu xufeng said that his roommate had been exposed to Chinese language since childhood and had some understanding of Chinese culture such as Tai Chi, martial arts and Peking Opera. When Tai Chi was presented in a new way by modern technology and transformed into different scenes, his roommate was shocked.Hu Xufeng himself is very fond of Spring Rhapsody and World Peace. “Teacher Fan Jun in apron is very cute, especially comic and funny, mixed music and full of memory. The World Peace sung by Zhang Yixing is very good, with bright rhythm and beautiful rhythm, which is very popular among overseas students.”