A new standard for the age of the elderly will be announced in 2022, after which people can be called “senior citizens”.

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# # and healthy New Year in aging belong to a kind of natural law, although since ancient times in China, has been the pursuit of longevity of princes and princes, but until now, we also very understand, forever is impossible, because our life is determined by the genetic telomeres, when no longer telomeres split means life towards the end.Although a variety of new diseases continue to appear, but with the improvement of medical technology and living standards, China’s average life expectancy has reached 77 years old, compared with the ancient average life expectancy of more than 30 years, much better.But now everyone is very care about maintenance, there are a lot of old friends in life, although in their 70s they still look very healthy, like they are in their early 60s, and there are some old people, like they are in their 50s, sometimes we don’t know what to call them when we go out.Nowadays the aging is more and more serious, so what is the age standard of the old people?A new age standard for senior citizens has been announced in 2022, after which people can be called senior citizens.2022 announced the new standard of “old age”, after this age, can be called “old” now living standards and the thought of people, all have changed a lot, for the old age division also had the new standards: who’s the age of the old age division standard is as follows: young people: less than 44 middle-aged: 45 ~ 59 years old young elderly:60~74 years old: 75~89 years old: more than or equal to 90 years old Chinese Medical Association, Gerontology Society standard: middle-aged (early old age) : 45~59 years old (old age) : 60~89 years old: more than or equal to 80 years old: 90~99 years old centenarian:Greater than or equal to 100 – year – old from above the division standard, we can see that people over 60 years old can call it the old, but for the elderly themselves, age is just a number, and normally need not too entanglements, live for the moment every day, make it real sense is the most key, if you have a young mentality, even 80 years old,And can still battle with the young.How does old friend improve his old age life quality?First of all, the elderly friends must correctly understand aging, establish a positive view of aging, through scientific and authoritative channels to obtain health knowledge and skills, carefully choose health care products and household medical equipment.To improve the nutritional status of the elderly friends must pay attention to a reasonable diet, balanced nutrition, regularly participate in nutritional status screening and evaluation, accept professional nutrition guidance, malnourished elderly people should follow the doctor’s advice to use nutritional supplements.Insist on exercise elderly friends should often carry out outdoor activities, carry out appropriate physical exercise, enhance balance, endurance flexibility and muscle strength, advocate the elderly adhere to physical activities within their power after injury and surgery can not be in bed for a long time, absolute rest.Scientific and rational drug use, regular physical examination nervous medical advice rational drug use, to understand the indications, contraindications pay attention to multiple drug use, avoid adverse reactions during drug use, regular physical examination, good management of the three high.Pay attention to the safety of the living environment, respect the will of the elderly to carry out the aging transformation of the community family, pay attention to the safety installation and maintenance of water and electricity facilities alarm device, try to arrange the elderly to live in a familiar environment, according to their own will, choose the living place and care for personnel.Conclusion: Elderly friends should have a positive and good state of mind, exercise properly, go out more, communicate more with people, broaden the width of life, rather than blindly seek to prolong the length of life.