A loud and clear military song for the 2022 Spring Festival

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Dear fellow veterans, happy New Year to you all!Taurus out of the cold wind, Auspicious tiger spring beaming.New Year fu Tiger auspicious, golden tiger into the house full of rich.On the occasion of the arrival of the Spring Festival, military song liaoliang comrare-in-arms general group, Jianli City military song Liaoliang comrare-in-arms Association to all comrare-in-arms, the vast number of veteran brothers and sisters, extend New Year greetings!I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and high respect to the friends from all walks of life who have been caring and supporting the military song.The New Year opens up new hopes and carries new dreams.Farewell to the extraordinary Year of the Ox, we are about to embark on a new journey in the Year of the Tiger.Looking forward to 2022, our military song is loud and clear with heavy responsibilities and a long way to go. After the consultation of the group Committee, we will formulate a new work plan: The first is the qualitative development direction, and we will wholeheartedly do practical things for our comrades and set the purpose of running the group. In the future, we will try our best to enhance the interaction and communication with all comrades.The second is to establish and improve the mechanism of the army group. At the end of this year, we will apply for the establishment of the Army Song Liaoliang Comrade-in-arms Association and establish the general party branch of the army group.The third is the harmonious nature of military groups, constantly promote the unity of military groups, continuous innovation, as far as possible to meet the various information needs of comrades in arms.The fourth is to adhere to the road of “eternal spirit of Junge Loud liang”, so that the long-term operation of junge loud liang, standing.Military song loud liang will always serve his comrades wholeheartedly and build a warm home for all the veterans.Military song loud and clear every year to maintain the army, brave the difficulties, always put comrades in the heart, to communicate comrades-in-arms friendship as their own duty.Last year, during the epidemic, we cared for our comrades abroad, and visited our comrades in dire need after the epidemic. On August 1st, we held a fellowship meeting of the Group Committee, strictly implemented the policy of group condolence.This year will continue to do a good job as always in group maintenance and sympathy for comrades in distress.The suggestions and opinions of comrades in arms will be fully adopted, and all comrades in arms will be involved. Everyone is the master of military song loud and clear!Comrade-in-arms are lamps to help you disperse loneliness and illuminate expectations;Comrade-in-arms is tea, help you filter impetuous, storage quiet;Comrade in arms is water, help you moisten for a while, fresh-keeping I;Comrade-in-arms are tears, to help you dilute the bitter, full of sweet.Wine gets better with age; water gets clearer with age.The vicissitudes of life in the world become lighter, the comradeship grows stronger as it ages.Perhaps time will fade the past, perhaps space will be isolated from each other, always worth cherishing comradeship is still.The New Year’s bell is about to ring and we will usher in the spring of 2022.In 2022, we hope our comrade-in-arms will work together for development, make their careers vivid, keep pace with the trend of The Times, and realize their dreams.I also hope that the comrade-in-arms love and protect the group, solidarity and friendship, and keep good military songs loud and clear this golden sign.2022 will continue to be a year of both opportunities and challenges. We have a great responsibility, but a bright future ahead of us.Let’s go hand in hand and forge ahead!Shoulder the new mission and create new brilliance together.Happy reunion on New Year’s Eve, laughter to welcome the New Year, auspicious as one wishes to celebrate the Year of the Tiger, happy New Year.Firecrackers ring, drums, old bad luck all disappear.Gold tiger silver tiger qi came, army groups of families have laughter.Head to face day, tail ground, comrade-in-arms must be good welfare in the New Year.Finally wish all comrade-in-arms happy New Year’s Eve!Happy New Year!Wish comrade-in-arms good luck in the New Year and the Year of the Tiger!Alive and kicking!Have a thriving career!Happy family!Junge Liaoliang General group supervision Of Li City Junge Liaoliang Comrade-in-arms Association on January 31, 2022