End ‘dirty Oil’ Los Angeles has imposed a ban on oil and gas drilling

2022-05-11 0 By

Los Angeles — Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti joined lawmakers, environmental justice activists and community leaders on Wednesday to sign a directive to phase out oil and gas drilling in the city.”Oil drilling has always been part of our city’s DNA, but today we begin a new chapter: the real beginning of the end of dirty energy production in Los Angeles,” Garcetti said.The climate crisis demands that we quickly end our dependence on fossil fuels, and by shutting down our oil Wells and adding workers, we put communities first, help our families keep the air clean, and get closer to a clean energy future that doesn’t depend on dirty oil.”As a result of directives passed by the City Council last week, the Department of Urban Planning (DCP), with the assistance of the city attorney, will now draft an ordinance to ban new oil and gas drilling in the city and amend zoning codes to prohibit ongoing drilling activities.The Bureau of Petroleum Management will also conduct an amortization study of drilling sites, while the city of Los Angeles will continue to lead Los Angeles County’s Fair Transition Task Force to provide workers with a fair transition plan.”This moment has been more than a decade in the making.Thank you to the mayor and City Council for working with us to keep Los Angeles ahead of the curve, “the Stand-LA steering Committee said.”Together, we will end urban oil drilling once and for all and help our communities live in safe and healthy environments.We look forward to working with city departments to implement this proposal as soon as possible and develop the ordinances and necessary plans.”Nalleli Cobo, co-founder of People Not Pozos, said: “I have been working to end oil drilling near me since I was nine years old, and it is the strength of communities like mine that has made this moment possible.””I thank the mayor and city Council for their leadership, whose actions have paved the way for a healthy future for all of Los Angeles.”Since taking office, Mayor Garcetti has put Los Angeles on a path toward the sunset of oil and gas production and better management of current production.In 2016, Jasiti re-established the Office of Oil and Gas Management and Safety for the first time in nearly 30 years.The mayor also accelerated the Clean Up Green Up initiative, advanced an air quality monitoring program and helped improve inspection protocols for industrial facilities.During his tenure, the mayor brought Garcetti to lead the city through one of the most ambitious clean energy agendas in the United States.Since 2013, Los Angeles has doubled its share of electricity generated from renewable sources to 40 percent, up from 20 percent in 2013, surpassing the state’s current goal.The mayor has taken bold steps to reduce the city’s reliance on dirty energy, from moving away from coal power altogether by 2025 to building the country’s largest public electric vehicle charging network.Los Angeles reduced its grid’s greenhouse gas emissions by 59 percent from 1990 to 2020, and has maintained its position as the no. 1 solar city in the United States for seven of the past eight years during the mayor’s tenure.Garsiti also pushed Metro and the Los Angeles Transit Authority to develop and accelerate some of the most ambitious sustainable development goals in the COUNTRY — including pledges to achieve Metro’s bus fleet by 2030 and the full electrification of LADOT’s fleet by 2028.In response to this bold move, LADOT is targeting the largest single electric bus order in U.S. history, with 155 buses, while Metro has now ordered 145 electric buses.