Can I apply for a travel visa if the Philippine work visa has been cancelled?How to do it?

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When our work visa in the Philippines is cancelled and expires, can it be changed into a tourist visa? How to handle this and what steps are needed?How much time and cost does it take for the Philippines to change from labor visa to tourism visa? Let you have a clear understanding of it after reading this article.1. Can I apply for a travel visa if the Philippine work visa has been cancelled?Yes, if our compatriots are tourist visas to the Philippines, they need to drop their visas after cancellation, and the time to drop their visas is about 10 working days, and it can also be handled in three working days with urgent treatment. But we should remember that after the drop visas are turned into tourist visas, we must go through ECC customs clearance when returning to China.That is, the immigration office for this period of time in the Philippines no criminal certificate.Everyone should remember, fall to sign tourist visa visa to be renewed in time after.2. Work visa into tourist visa materials: 1. Applicant’s application form 2.Note to applicant of original work visa: 9G work visa is lack of documents, the original is required to apply for visa reduction. If your documents are missing, you need to apply for new documents before visa reduction.If you do not refile, you need to take the data and then reduce, the time will be longer.If you need to work into a tourist visa, you can contact us, meet any problems can contact our yifei visa commissioner, large and small problems for you to solve.The article is reprinted from (yifei business Travel official website)