Beijing is home to a mysterious starry sky. Once in a lifetime, let’s go this spring

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Orbit is the way of the sky, each leading to their own end, those have overlapped light cone, deepen the yearning of light years, bright and dark, hidden the mystery of the universe, like falling tears, into every happy star.For those who grew up in the city, seeing the vast starry sky as a child seems like a distant hope.Books and movies depict the night sky filled with stars, beautiful and deep, let people yearn for.In this concrete forest city, we seem to have forgotten our childhood obsession with looking up at the stars.When we drove to the town of Agun, north of the Miyun Reservoir, we found that the vast sky really exists.There is a national Astronomical Observatory radio astronomy observation base here, which was built in the early period of China and can be said to be the cradle of Radio astronomy in China, and has cultivated a large number of radio astronomers.From 1966 to 1983, 28 9-meter-diameter sky telescopes were built, and the 50-meter-diameter lunar antenna stood spectaculously tall.Surrounded by mountains, sky blue water wide, observation antenna lined up, like a huge “big pot cover”, magnificent.When I came to Butun, the comprehensive Aperture radio telescope array was arranged neatly along the roadside. The treasure of the station was the huge 50-meter radio telescope.In addition, a 30-meter Spherical Radio Telescope experimental model has been built.Standing under the huge radio astronomy observation antenna, looking into the deep blue sky, we suddenly feel that life is so small. Our short life is like a forrest Gump running at full speed, stepping on all the evil, contempt, blows and fetters, stumbling along the way.The observatory is at its best when night falls.Looking up at the night sky, the stars, the faint Milky Way in the sky, it is a sleepless night, everyone is looking for the brightest star in the sky.In the morning, the golden morning light reddened the eastern sky, and the observatory put on a coat of scarlet color.The morning breeze blows slightly, the beautiful scenery of the early morning makes a person enchanted, as if to forget all the troubles for a moment, the unhappy trifles all fly to the cloud nine, only pure joy remains in everyone’s heart.Every time I see this scene, I can’t help but sigh at the magic of nature, and I’m glad we came here to record the beauty of this moment.Youth is fleeting, youth is old, in the endless road of life, take a break from time to time, embrace nature, bid farewell to the noisy city, here may be able to meet you in the childhood once looked up to, long for the stars.We look back at our lost hearts, find the stars we forgot, and stare in awe at the starry sky.In the vicinity of the Agun Observatory, there are many attractions worth visiting, such as the fairy tale yunfeng Mountain, three pools and three waterfalls white Dragon Pool, or find an observation deck overlooking the Miyun Reservoir.Youtun Observatory, National Astronomical Observatory, Miyun Station, Miyun District, Beijing