After Chengyuan beat, a scandal broke in Shandong Taishan. The quality of youth training was uneven and the bad must be severely punished

2022-05-11 0 By

Shandong hristo youth work throughout the football world is very famous, youth players not only continuously to transport a large number of young talents, but also for the other team has prepared a lot of quality players, shandong taishan youth player really is blossom everywhere, but players are not high-quality goods, more recent shandong hristo youth player is a scandal,Not long ago after chengyuan hit incident, shandong Taishan team another youth training player scandal, Shandong Taishan team must be severely punished to prevent this kind of incident from happening again.Protagonist of this event is shandong hristo Chen Kerui youth players, he is a midfielder, who can be any position in midfield, 26 years old this year, in recent years because of shandong hristo midfielder was a fierce competition, there are a lot of big players in, so he didn’t in the shandong hristo position, once had,Last season coach Hao Wei also loaned him to Tianjin Tianjin Tigers, and he won the first team position through his own efforts. At the end of last season, he also ended his loan and now he is back to Shandong Taishan.But recently my girlfriend of three years broke on the net, he has a variety of malpractice and obscene and expose crazy not only, but also derailed a male, is genuine cheat philandering man, his girlfriend has the most disgusting words to use in the world today, she has been unbearable, was now shandong hristo will have a big adjustment in midfield,Moises is likely to leave next season, xu Xin will basically join Shanghai Port, his return is absolutely a good opportunity, next season Shandong Taishan team to multi-line operations, must hoard a lot of players, can be on the team for a good rotation.But his scandals at this time, he in shandong hristo status will be affected by a lot of, shandong hristo has been very pay attention to his image, and become the source after the incident, shandong hristo not again and as a source for renewal, a source has left shandong hristo, this Chen Kerui appeared such a thing, for shandong hristo is a negative impact,Shandong Taishan team will certainly increase punishment, Originally Chen Kerui in Shandong Taishan team will not compete for position, now Chen Kerui in Shandong Taishan team hope is also slowly in the reduction.Through this matter hope Chen Kerui can reflect well, is not only a great player with superb skill, also want to play a leading role in life, more like a big brother junmin hao study in this aspect, moreover Chen Kerui not even the first competition, he take what capital in life so bad, you think?