My province early prejudgment early deployment safeguard spring ploughing preparation farming supplies

2022-05-10 0 By

“This year, the arrival price of nitrogen fertilizer is 2,780 yuan/ton, and the price of phosphate compound fertilizer and potash fertilizer also continues to rise.We grab supplies and complete the task of storing fertilizer at the national and provincial levels ahead of time.”Fertilizer dealers and farmers are more confident in buying fertilizer as grain prices are expected to rise this year, and they are expected to supply nearly 300,000 tons of fertilizer in April, the head of Liaoning Fertilizer Co said on February 18.Since winter storage, due to the impact of rising international commodity prices, the prices of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other major agricultural products have risen, and the supply of goods continues to tighten.Provincial supply and marketing cooperatives make early judgment and deployment, give full play to organizational and network advantages, guide directly affiliated agricultural materials management enterprises to connect with upstream manufacturers, improve the purchasing and marketing cooperation mechanism, improve bargaining power, lock high-quality sources of goods, make up for the resource gap, scientific and reasonable stock, and ensure the supply of chemical fertilizers and pesticides with high quality and stable price.By the middle of February, Liaoning Chemical Fertilizer Co., LTD., an enterprise directly under the Provincial Supply and Marketing Cooperative, had purchased 700,000 tons of chemical fertilizer, accounting for a quarter of the province’s total demand for spring farming.Liaoning Pesticide Co., Ltd. has purchased more than 5,600 tons of pesticides, accounting for more than 30% of the demand for spring ploughing, and the stock volume can basically meet the production demand for spring ploughing.In order to implement the national spring agricultural production and strengthen the winter wheat field management work conference spirit, the province’s supply and marketing cooperatives system to seize high-quality sources of goods, give full play to the main channel of agricultural materials circulation, do a good job in spring farming agricultural supplies.Actively coordinate with railway, shipping and other departments to ensure that priority is given to transportation, ship docking and loading and unloading operations, and seize the time to ensure timely transportation and distribution of agricultural materials.Completes the roots of the work of grassroots, strength, sinking, system based on SCM 3000 grassroots network advantages, to carry out the “peer-to-peer” supply, promote products online, offline delivery, door-to-door delivery, such as sales model, realize the agricultural capital goods in a timely manner to the township, the village, household, meet the demand of farmers nearby fertilizer, ensure orderly sequences of fertilizer supply,Maximize savings and reduce agricultural production costs.Source: Liaoning Daily