Gansu SATELLITE TV into the era of high fresh satellite he Wei Wang Jiayi attended the launch ceremony

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China Gansu Network On January 27, according to gansu Daily reported (new Gansu · Gansu Daily reporter Shixiuping) 26 afternoon, Gansu SATELLITE TV hd signal officially on the star transmission, to achieve full coverage of domestic and surrounding countries and regions.This marks that Gansu SATELLITE TV has entered a new era of high satellite coverage and standard and clear simultaneous broadcasting, which will play a positive role in promoting the high quality development of gansu radio and television industry by improving the viewing effect of large screen TV for domestic users.Provincial party Committee standing committee, provincial propaganda Department minister Wang Jiayi, vice governor He Wei attended the launch ceremony.Gansu SATELLITE TV is the only TV channel in our province that broadcasts to the whole country and covers surrounding countries through satellite transmission. It is an important platform for mainstream public opinion publicity and authoritative information release in our province.Gansu SATELLITE TV takes “conveying new fashion” as the channel’s purpose and broadcasts news and social and educational columns such as “Gansu News”, “Today’s Focus” and “Poverty Alleviation front Line” 24 hours a day. It is an important window to show the new image of Gansu’s development and the new look of people of all ethnic groups in Gansu, and to meet the growing spiritual and cultural needs of the people.It is reported that in 2019, the Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government listed the satellite transmission of high-definition programs of Gansu SATELLITE TV channel as a key public cultural service project and radio and TV benefit project of the province, and wrote it into the Government Work Report of Gansu Province in 2020.On August 5, 2020, The National Radio and Television Administration approved the simultaneous broadcasting of High standard HD signals of Gansu SATELLITE TV.Construction will start on November 1, 2020.On December 31, 2021, The National Radio and Television Administration officially approved the satellite transmission of GANSU SATELLITE TV hd signals.