As the “multinational coalition” crumps, American mercenaries become anti-war spearheads: Don’t come to Ukraine

2022-05-10 0 By

A large number of foreign mercenaries were killed by Russian troops with high-precision weapons in a strike on a training center in western Ukraine on Sunday, reports Huanqiu, an affiliation to the People’s Daily online.Ukraine denies the authenticity of the incident.However, according to, citing Russian newspaper Le Viewpoint, Russia severely defeated and crushed the courage and enthusiasm of 20,000 “foreign legions” in this battle.After the incident, many foreign mercenaries who had advocated fighting changed their faces and insisted that they would go home.Brazilian sniper Rossi had previously published dynamic, said he is not afraid of war, to help Ukraine fight to the end.But when Russian missiles fell from the sky, he backed off: “We were bombed for a long time.After that, the desire to fight disappeared a lot.I fled to Poland after being attacked.”Mercenaries from Britain and other countries are also fleeing, the Global Times reported, citing an article in The Economist magazine.In the magazine’s opening pages, the author mentions a British veteran with six years of military experience who returned after just nine hours in Ukraine.The report said that compared with Russia’s sophisticated tactical arrangements, well-trained military units and large quantities of heavy weapons, volunteers were “inadequate” in all respects.Ukraine trains them for three to five days, gives them a simple map reading, and then sends them to the front lines with a contract of 1,500 yuan per month.Some media pointed out that after the Russian bombing, the “foreign Legion” has fully recognized the facts.French mercenary Siaka broke down in tears on social media, saying he was leaving.Lee Geun, a South Korean Internet celebrity with 770,000 Youtube followers, said he would accompany Ukraine to the end of the war.But now it has been revealed that he is trying to get back.He is said to have arrived at the Polish border, but the Polish authorities refused to allow him to enter Poland because he entered Ukraine without permission.Mercenaries from Brazil, Britain, France and South Korea are fleeing en masse, and American mercenaries are also taking to social media to speak out.A video titled “Us mercenaries lambasting Ukrainian authorities for using them as cannon fodder” went viral on the Internet Tuesday, reported.The man in the video is 28-year-old Henry Hoefter of the United States, according to a source familiar with the matter.A former U.S. Army infantryman, he was among the first American mercenaries to arrive in Ukraine after the Russia-Ukraine conflict.Hoeft reportedly prepared to fly to Poland by plane after submitting relevant documents to the Embassy in order to participate in the war.But the FBI has asked him not to act on his own, and the United States will not provide him with any help.However, hoeft, feeling his blood boiling, secretly set out with his teammates without the consent of the embassy.But the gap between reality and imagination was so great that Hoefter spoke of his experience with indignation, exhaustion and tears.According to his account, after he arrived in Ukraine, the Ukrainian side did not give them weapons, and Ukrainian soldiers pressed them to fight.In order not to become cannon fodder, several people tried to sneak away, and finally took off their military uniforms to pretend to be a humanitarian rescue team to successfully exit the country, otherwise waiting for their inevitable tragic outcome.In the video, Hoeft warns anyone who wants to help foreign mercenaries in Ukraine: “Don’t come to Ukraine, it’s a trap.And this is probably the voice of all the current mercenaries in Ukraine.