The provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security has adopted five measures to encourage college graduates to find jobs and start their own businesses

2022-05-09 0 By

Qinghai News · Damei Qinghai client news on March 7, the reporter learned from the provincial Department of human resources and social security, in order to fully implement the provincial party committee, the provincial government on the first quarter of the work “off to a good start” requirements, highlighting the employment of key groups,Province human resources and social security hall to take employment situation monitoring and scheduling, business to carry out the employment special plan, optimize employment service focus, training trainee policy effectiveness, strengthen the employment information and job demand docking the five measures, to do a good job in the employment of university graduates this year business to ensure that the implementation of college graduates employment rate reached more than 85% of the target.Every Year from June to the graduation season, college graduates will focus on job hunting, the employment market pressure increased significantly.The provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security has highlighted support for college students’ employment and entrepreneurship, sorted out and evaluated the relevant policy documents issued by our province since 2020, and listed the list of policies to stabilize employment and promote employment.We extended employment services in advance, carried out publicity on campus admission policies, special activities for joint recruitment of college graduates in large and medium-sized cities, career development guidance, special recruitment, and assistance to graduates with difficulties, and provided one-time subsidies for finding jobs and starting businesses.We will ensure that our policies are well aligned and coordinated, make early plans and take early actions, and ensure that their implementation is effective. We will strengthen monitoring and analysis of the employment situation, and work to ensure that employment policies are implemented and services are delivered.