Is it necessary to remove formaldehyde in bridal chamber?How to run a company

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About to move into the new house friends will have a question whether the new house in the end need to control formaldehyde, by the governance of the company is not IQ tax.The answer is: yes, and it’s important.After some friends, bridal chamber is decorated can put green plants indoors or activated carbon, even put pomelo peel or put some water on the earth, including through a window ventilated drying to reduce the indoor formaldehyde content, in fact all of these are to play a role of dissociation formaldehyde in indoor air, the plank interior formaldehyde had no effect.Treatment company through high temperature fumigation and product spraying two aspects of the complete indoor formaldehyde treatment.High temperature fumigation can make formaldehyde quickly released into free formaldehyde released outdoors. After fumigation, chemical reaction of the remaining formaldehyde is carried out through product spraying to produce carbon dioxide and water, and a protective film will be formed on the surface of the plate to achieve the effect of lifelong quality assurance.Friendship tip: now on the market in addition to aldehyde company fish and fish mixed, some bad businesses in order to make huge profits using unqualified products lead to the distrust of aldehyde industry, we only choose good products to achieve the desired effect.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Qi Qi little brother rush binzhou