Foxconn’s first electric car, the Model T, will start delivery next month with a strong range

2022-05-09 0 By

Recently, Taiwan media reported that Foxconn’s first electric car is about to be delivered, and the pure electric bus Model T purchased by Kaohsiung Passenger Transport Company will be formally delivered in early March, with a total order of 30-50 units.The Endurance, an electric pickup truck made by Foxconn, is also expected to arrive in the U.S. in the third quarter of this year.The Model T has a range of more than 400 kilometers and a tiltable electronic pneumatic suspension system.At stops, the car can be tilted slightly, so you don’t have to take too long to get into the car.It also has a 48-inch television above the driver’s seat and is the first bus in Taiwan to have an internal wheel differential warning system.